Editor: I think there are a number of Democratic voters who are suffering from Stockholm syndrome.  

Stockholm syndrome is a coping mechanism to an abusive situation where people develop positive feelings toward their abusers over time.  

Other symptoms include sympathy for their abuser’s beliefs and behaviors and negative feelings toward other authority figures.

Having fallen in love with the what was once the Democratic calling card, “we’re the party of the little guy,” these folks are now unable to see the truth that the Democratic Party has become the party of the elite, uber far-left, radicals.  

It might not be all their fault. The Democratic Party has used multiple strategies to maintain control over Democratic voters including isolating them from outside influences, threatening their reputation if they leave the relationship, and offering them occasional empathy to make them believe that nobody else understands them or that everything is OK.

But everything isn’t OK, is it? Actually, could it be any worse?  

Inflation at 40-year high. Gas and food prices going up (way up). Retirement nest eggs destroyed. Parents excluded from school issues regarding their children. Southern border disaster with 4 million illegal immigrants. Rampant crime across the country. U.S. reputation shattered around the world.

Now, democrats in Virginia want to criminalize parents who refuse to affirm their child’s sexual identity confusion. So, with Democrats in charge, you could lose custody of your daughter for telling her she’s a girl and refusing to tell her she’s a boy.

Keep in mind that Jennifer Wexton’s most notable achievement during her term representing the 10th District is serving as co-chair of the Congressional Transgender Equality Task Force.

Still, after all this, many voters can’t seem to recognize that they're in a toxic relationship with the Democratic Party. They try to justify bad behavior by saying “democrat officials are trying hard,” “they're just misunderstood.”

Yet, there’s hope for those suffering Stockholm syndrome.  

1) Stay objective. It will help reduce your cognitive dissonance.

2) Keep educating yourself. Knowledge is power and will help you identify the abuse you have suffered.

3) Finally, break free by voting Republican.

John Smith, Sterling

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Mr. Smith repeats that canard that Democrats want to criminalize parents who refuse to "affirm" their child's sexual orientation and/or gender identity. I've never heard an elected official say that. Rep. Guzman's much-maligned bill doesn't contain the word "affirm." And she specifically denied that canard when interviewed by the scurrilous reporter. It's time to stop demonizing the LGBTQ+ community, Mr. Smith! Please find something better to do with your time!

J Smith

You failed to apply step 2, Mr. timsmith, – Keep educating yourself.

Did you read the bill that Delegate Guzman (D-31st District) planned to reintroduce? It’s House Bill 580, originally introduced in January 2020.

It modifies the definition of child abuse to include any parent of a child (less than 18 years of age) who creates or inflicts “mental injury on the basis of the child’s gender identity...”

In situations of child abuse, a child-protective services worker is authorized under Virginia code to take a child into custody away from their parents without their approval. Child abuse is a felony offense in Virginia.

Under such a law as Delegate Guzman planned to introduce, do you think that it any stretch to imagine a parent being charged with child abuse for failing to affirm their child’s gender confusion and thus inflicting “mental injury” on the child?

I don’t. Not with today’s democrat party being controlled by uber radical leftist progressives.

Mr timsmith, your arguments would be better served if they were based on facts. If you base your argument on rumors, or what elected democrats say to reporters, or what you hear on CNN and MSNBC, or read on TikTok, your arguments will be easily batted away.

The fact is that parents matter and that parents must have the primary role in their children’s lives. That includes their education, their health, their upbringing, and their well-being.

But today’s democrat party doesn’t believe that fact. Today’s democrats believe that parents shouldn’t dictate what is taught in schools.

When democrats lose arguments based on fact, which almost always happens, they go to their tried-and-true harassment charge, “Stop demonizing [my community, in this case LGTBQ+]!

Two comments there, Mr. timsmith.

First, citing facts is not demonization.

Second, be careful about linking the transgender community with the gay community when it comes to gender confusion of children. There are a whole lot of gays that are fully onboard with parents having the primary role in their children’s lives and not school boards, especially when it comes to issues of gender identity.

One last thing.

Many might say that Jennifer Wexton’s most notable achievement in Congress to date is being selected as Co-Chair of the Congressional Transgender Equality Task Force.

Ms Wexton is a friend of Delegate Guzman. She campaigned with Delegate Guzman just 2 months ago. Ms Wexton has said that parents who raise concerns over biological males in women’s bathrooms or locker rooms are hiding their bigotry.

With all the above noted, do you think it’s much of a stretch to believe that, if elected to office, Ms Wexton would support criminalizing parents for failing to affirm (and thus inflicting mental injury) on their child’s gender confusion?

I don’t.


Your attempts to divide & conquer that beset-upon community are deplorable. As Glinda, the Good Witch of the South, said: “You’ve no power here! Begone, before someone drops a house on you too!”

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