Loudoun Now’s current non-scientific poll, asks what attribute is most important to voters in a political candidate. Nearly 70 percent rate integrity as most important. That’s a good thing. 

Democrat Jennifer Wexton has always had an integrity problem dating back to her term as a state senator. In a published letter to the editor, she stated that medicaid expansion in Virginia was simply a ‘test program,’ rather than what it actually was – medicaid expansion.  The merits for or against this program are not the issue. The question is why did Wexton chose to lie to the people of Loudoun about it?  Why didn’t she have the integrity to tell the truth? 

Wexton’s lack of integrity was also on display by her campaign stunt of dressing her staffers up in Party City cop costumes in a failed attempt to portray actual law enforcement officer support.  That’s not integrity.  That’s gross deceit. 

Timelier, anyone who’s seen Wexton debate in the past, has surely noticed something is not quite right in the current debate cycle.  During the October 5th C-Span candidate forum, Wexton had extreme difficulty answering some questions, confusing the Russians with the Ukrainians, and Ukrainians with Iranians. 

Like all the debates this cycle, her responses were robotic, rote, disjointed, and hurried. She stares at some distant point, with her hands weirdly cupped upward in front of her, while spouting a monotone paragraph, like a child reading and missing all the punctuation.  This is not the same Rep. Wexton of 2020 or 2018. 

If a family member suddenly started behaving this way, you’d be concerned and asking questions.  As our public servant, Wexton has a responsibility to inform us of any changes in her capacity to perform her duty. Indeed, Wexton has been a prolific user of the current so-called ‘emergency vote by proxy’ scheme.  This means she just phones in her votes, without going to the office, or the floor.

Integrity means being honest.  If somethings changed, and plenty have noticed, then Rep. Wexton needs to beak her pattern of falsehoods, and assure the people of the 10th   all is well.  Integrity, and the voters demand it. 

Chris Manthos, Leesburg.           

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Wexton was a disaster as a CA and she is a disaster in Congress. It's time to replace her with a competent public servant.


I think Jennifer Wexton is doing just fine. None of us is the same person we were, say, 10 years ago. But during her debate performances, I thought Rep. Wexton was sharp as a tack. She never flinched from calling Hung Cao the extremist that he is. I'm much more concerned about Mr. Cao's penchant for seeing goblins. He sees CRT, election conspiracies, groomers preying on school children & communists under every rock. Please Vote Loudoun!


She cannot defend her own record of voting with Pelosi 100% of the time, so she went with demonizing her opponent. Sounds more like what you'd get from a fourth grader caught cheating on a quiz. The #Wexit is less than a week away. VA10 will be a better district after Jenny is gone.

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