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Editor: Public sector unions (“collective bargaining”) are a fraud against the taxpayers. The Loudoun Education Association is working tirelessly against the taxpayers and against the children of Loudoun County. 

Editor: Imagine working for a company that cut your pay while also making a profit or record profit. Imagine being unable to feed, clothe, or support your family on the wages you were making before the pay cuts. Imagine the prices of everyday…

Editor: I am certain that I am not alone in my outrage that 10 guns could be so easily stolen from an Ashburn firing range. I believe this is not far from a residential community, based on previous issues. 

Editor: On Jan. 17, Supervisor Briskman moved that the Board of Supervisors support state legislation or budget amendments that expand the right to reproductive healthcare and improves access to abortion, including adding language to the Virg…

Editor: As someone who once gave credence to the false conjectures that the School Board members participated in a cover up in 2021 but now think otherwise, I have concluded it is understandable that the School Board wishes to maintain privac…

Editor: It is reported that the Loudoun County Electoral Board has voted to eliminate the only Sunday voting in the early voting process. This was done without any public comment. Why?  

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Editor: News reports for Ukraine state that the Jan. 20 meeting of the NATO defense ministers, there was no agreement from Germany to send, (or allow other NATO members to send) German Leopard tanks to Ukraine, and the most recent U.S. aid package does not include Abrams tanks. 

Editor: I attended to Board of Supervisors meetings where it addressed and then voted on a resolution to establish a new, and newly funded, position of director of equity. This hired, not elected person, will peruse all the county business, and put their thumb on scale for hiring, promoting,…

Editor: The internet is an essential part of our life and we need data centers to support it. However, data center challenges in Loudoun County and Virginia were recently exposed and cannot be ignored. 

Editor: For more than 25 years, The Salvation Army of Loudoun has fought poverty in our community. We have weathered many a storm through the years, and now we face another: the traumatic ripple effect on working families and others from COVID-19. We know, firsthand, that members in our comm…

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Editor: It is imperative for School Board members to remember that as individuals elected to represent the local community, they must work to meet the needs of the public and local school district. As a School Board member, it is not about yo…

Editor: Fifty-three years of life, a careful though incomplete reading of history, and the burden of George Floyd's murder impel me to fully support a recalibration of how American history is taught in Loudoun County Public Schools. 

Editor: Glenn Youngkin came to office as governor of Virginia a year ago on Jan. 15, advancing some populist, red meat rhetoric in which he made the School Board in Loudoun County—where he lost by 10 points—the brunt of his ire.

Editor: I was recently invited to interview with Purcellville’s Town Council for a seat on the town’s Planning Commission. During the interview I was struck by how many questions framed preservation as “save this to prevent that.”

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Editor: I am extremely offended that the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors intends to build a new sprawling one level 18,500-square-foot fire station on the Philomont Horse show grounds which are located on Snickersville Turnpike. 

Editor: In 2007, Pastor John Caldwell published a widely read book called “Raising "G" Rated Kids in an "R" Rated World.”

Editor: I am writing to address the false narrative in recent articles in Loudoun Now about Loudoun County’s) Rt.7 and Rt 690 Interchange project in the Town of Purcellville. It is disappointing to see Loudoun Now selectively obtaining feedba…

Editor: I note with great disappointment that Lovettsville has incorporated the "affordable housing" fallacy in its updated Comprehensive Plan. We hoped that our town was better than this. 

Editor: Loudoun County is once again in the national news. This time it’s for a petition by people who want to stop “hate speech” at our School Board meetings.

Editor: As Christmas rolls around the corner, people are putting up decorations and baking sweet treats and shopping with lists of presents to give those they love.