Editor: For more than 25 years, The Salvation Army of Loudoun has fought poverty in our community. We have weathered many a storm through the years, and now we face another: the traumatic ripple effect on working families and others from COVID-19. We know, firsthand, that members in our community are still struggling, and the rising costs of inflation is compounding the crisis. 

Every day, more and more people have come to The Salvation Army of Loudoun asking for our help. Our clients need support with rent, eviction prevention, utility bills, diapers, clothing, and emergency food assistance, and we do not expect that the need for our help—and our hope —will slow down anytime soon. 

It was critically important to us to conduct an over-the-top Angel Tree program. And that we did. We want to thank all the donors and volunteers who made the Christmas season happy and bright for almost 1,500 children who received Christmas gifts through our Angel Tree and Sheetz for Kids programs. The Salvation Army of Loudoun County’s Angel Tree program is superbly well run and managed by three amazing volunteers along with our staff. More importantly, close to 120 devoted volunteers provided 700 hours of service in our distribution center to assist with the organization and the distribution of the presents. I also want to express our appreciation to Rappaport at the Village of Leesburg who donated the site to us. My Guys Moving donated their time and equipment to pick up and deliver thousands of gifts to the distribution center and Wegmans for their generosity. More than 50 businesses, individuals, the faith community, HOA’s and civic organizations contributed incredible gifts to support the children we knew would not have had gifts for Christmas. Our communities outpouring of kindness was extraordinary.

The Salvation Army’s iconic Red Kettle campaign ran from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Kettles were located at Giant, Safeway, and Walmart stores in Loudoun. We raised about $90,000 during this time. We also want to thank our Kettle sponsors—M.E. Flow, Inc., Ketterman’s Jewelers, Mr. Print and Valley Energy.  However, the success of the Red Kettle campaign is directly related to volunteerism and—of course—generous donors. This year, 78 volunteers from clubs, schools, the faith community, families, and businesses contributed 418 hours of service. The funds we receive from the Red Kettle campaign stay right here in Loudoun County. Our Red Kettle campaign is critical to our ability to provide basic and essential needs to those struggling in our community. 

With the help of generous donors and volunteers, The Salvation Army embodied its Christmas theme, “Hope Marches On.”  We are truly blessed and humbled by our community’s generosity.

Learn more about the work that The Salvation Army of Loudoun does throughout the year on at salvationarmypotomac.org/loudouncountycorps, or call 703-771-3371.

A hearty thank you for all you have provided. Have a blessed 2023.

Sergeant John McKee, Pastor

Loudoun County Corps Administrator

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It was only a few years back the Salvation Army told us that our money and gifts were insufficient for their purposes. Since that time, I have found other organizations who do good works and don't care about the color of my skin.

If you insult those who support you, don't be surprised when lots of folks choose to support others.


How is that an applicable to the color of your skin?????


I see you have forgotten the Salvation Army's message to donors from 2021 to essentially "be less white." You can look it up if you like. But I have switched my donations to organizations who don't insult me because an immutable fact of my biology.


In the past, the Salvation Army has been plagued with anti-LGBTQ+ allegations. But they seem to be changing with the times. Millions of people depend on their services. So I would urge all Loudouners to support this worthy cause!

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