Editor: Glenn Youngkin came to office as governor of Virginia a year ago on Jan. 15, advancing some populist, red meat rhetoric in which he made the School Board in Loudoun County—where he lost by 10 points—the brunt of his ire.

Shortly after taking the oath of office, he signed his first executive orders. “Number Four (2022)” was entitled “Authorizing An Investigation of Loudoun County Public Schools By The Attorney General.” 

In that document, Youngkin accused the Loudoun County School Board of “deceiving the very Virginians they serve” and asserting that they “knowingly lied to parents” in the community.

Here we are a year later. The special grand jury has returned its findings. Clearly, the Loudoun County Public Schools failed. Superintendent Scott Ziegler has been fired. However, the grand jury report, despite being a political cudgel, clearly states that “… we have seen no evidence that the school board, as a body or any of its individual members, knew anything about these events…”

As we start a new year, the appropriate and gentlemanly thing for our governor to do is correct the record by apologizing for “deceiving the very Virginians” he serves and acknowledging that he “knowingly lied” or at least “knowingly” misstated the truth. 

Michael Zuckerman, Round Hill

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Youngkin and his administration will double down on the red meat culture war nonsense...he wants to take his do-nothing governorship and turn himself into America's President. Heaven help us if that were to happen.


What did some members of the School Board know? When/if the initial investigation is made public, we may find out! Attorney-client privilege is suspect especially after the unprofessional actions of the LCPS attorney was called to attention by the Grand Jury.

Kenneth Reid

Sorry, Mr . zuckerman. You need to read the ENTIRE report and not select out parts that fulfill your liberal narrative. This Woke School Board elected in 2019 created a climate of permissiveness that led to Dr Williams resigning and the hiring of Ziegler, who was a patsy for these radicals Yes, maybe no School Board members committed CRIMINAL violations according to the grand jury report -- but the grand jury is still meeting. This radical School Board, which is more concerned about appeasing the LGBTQ and BLM activists, set the tone that led to this. The fact a teaching assistant came into the bathroom and heard the girl being raped and thought nothing of it tells you a lot about where LCPS is headed. In addition, the School board stonewalled the Democrats on the Board of Supervisors , tool Both Chair randall and Vice Chair Saines said as much in public.


Thanks for weighing in, Ken. We'll all just be in suspense until we also hear from Geary Higgins.


Now wait a second ... THIS is exactly one of the major things wrong with society today. A reputable organization that has no ties to the school board came to the conclusion that the school board didn't know. But yet, these people are saying they did without putting up ANY evidence. Just like the election deniers, if the end result doesn't fit your desires, the people doing the investigations MUST be wrong, despite no reputable organization's evidence to back-up the wrong part. I think it must be time to storm the school board building, break the windows, sit in the superintendent's desk, and set off some fire extinguishers.

John M

Nice try! If you believe the school board was not aware of what was going on, then you are a Zucker, man. They knew EVERYTHING! This school board is as corrupt and manipulative as any in the country and I'm sure our friends in Fairfax agree.


I support the findings of the GJ. Dr. Z and and the School Spokesman will have their day in court and the opportunity to defend themselves. The Board will have its opportunity at the ballot box, either way, the outcome will be public and that’s all we can ask for.


No, we could ask for a process that's designed to keep politics out of it...we get just the opposite. Have you seen Youngkin propose anything that might actually improve education or make our schools better? No, me neither.


The grand jurors were manipulated by a political process to issue indictments on the flimsiest of evidence. Dr. Ziegler never was afforded an opportunity to give his side of the story. But the jurors got one thing right: There was no conspiracy by Loudoun's school board to deceive parents. That's absurd. It's unconscionable of Youngkin to continually misrepresent the grand jury's findings in that regard. The gentleman has no credibility in Loudoun Blue.


Nobody has the right to testify at a grand jury hearing. You do know how this works, right? In fact, you don't have the right to an attorney if you are subpoenaed. Nobody really wants to appear before a grand jury.


Grand jurors were manipulated? What on earth are you going on about now???

Chris Manthos

The school board knew everything.


It's fun to chant political mantras with no evidence.

Chris Manthos

Some people still believe OJ didn't do it. Bill Clinton didn't have sex with "that woman," and Epstein really did kill himself.

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