Purcellville Councilman Ryan Cool and Vice Mayor Nedim Ogelman on Tuesday will present the Town Council with their proposed recruitment packet, kicking off the next phase in the search for a new town manager. The town is seeking a replacement for Robert W. Lohr Jr. who decided to retire in June following a series of closed-door meetings with the council in April. The council tapped Alex Vanegas, then the director of Public Works, to serve as interim town manager. Last month, the council appointed Cool and Ogelman to lead the recruitment process, rather than spend additional money to hire an outside firm. According to Cool, the draft recruitment package is about 50 pages long and includes background on town history, organizational structure, personnel and financials, such as the recent town debt restructuring. “With any management, you want to know where you stand financially,” Cool said. “I think it’s real important to have context.” The package will also contain videos for applicants to get a better feel for the town and the role of town manager. If approved by council, it could be posted to municipal government organizations, including the International City Management Association, Virginia Municipal League and the Virginia Local Government Management Association as early as Friday. Cool said the town’s HR department would determine how long the job posting would remain active, although he anticipates it to stay open through the end of the year, with a goal to select a new town manager by January or February. “I’d say in the first quarter of 2018 makes sense,” he said. “You got to give people time to digest the information.” Town council will discuss the interview, negotiation and offer timeline in more detail at its meeting Tuesday night. Cool said handling the search in-house is not unusual. “Fact is that most, if not all, towns and even some much larger to the east follow the same process that we are,” he said. Hiring an outside firm to do the work could cost up to $30,000, according to a staff report.

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