Loudoun County Public Schools Administration Building

The Loudoun County Public School Administration Building, pictured in 2015, is home to the administrative office for the county's school system.

Loudoun County Public Schools is one step closer to implementing a new policy that supports business owned by women, minorities, and veterans with service-connected disabilities.  

Policy 4360 was created to ensure the division is making efforts to support those businesses small women-owned and minority-owned or SWAM businesses, along with those owned by service-disabled veterans. The policy defines what constitutes a small business-an independently owned business with less than 250 employees and brings in $10 million or less over the previous three years- defines each SWAM category, and provides guidance on yearly reporting of the amount of business done with those businesses, as well as training to increase purchases and guidance on how to promote the use of them throughout the division. The division will rely on the certified vendors listed on the Virginia Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity Directory, according to the policy.

On Tuesday Nov. 1 the Finance & Operations Committee voted 3-0 to recommend adopting the policy, sending it to the full School Board for consideration.

The Finance & Operations Committee first discussed the policy in March of this year and voted to send it to the full School Board, which heard the policy on March 8 but sent it back to committee after questions were raised regarding sub-contract impact and the next steps of its implementation. The policy has been updated since March to remove individual minority definitions to be in alignment with the Virginia Public Procurement Act’s definitions of minorities. 

The policy will now go before the full Board on Nov. 15. 

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Ask Tiffany or Rivera if they believe more costly carve-outs with taxpayer dollars is what they would do?


How about going with the best cost per pound? Quit the divisive carving out of vendors and give us the best bang for our buck be it a veteran, a non-veteran, a woman, a man, a minority or the majority!


I'm so glad LCPS is taking tangible steps to support SWAM businesses & businesses owned by disabled veterans. I know the harpies will complain. But supporting the underdog is the right thing to do. It's also the wave of the future. Happy Veterans Day Loudoun!

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