Loudoun County Public Schools Administration Building

The Loudoun County Public School Administration Building, pictured in 2015, is home to the administrative office for the county's school system.

The Loudoun County School Board meets for the first time tonight under the new leadership of Chair Ian Serotkin (Blue Ridge) and Vice Chair Harris Mahedavi (Ashburn). 

They’ll formally kick of this year’s budget season with a presentation from Acting Superintendent Daniel Smith of his fiscal 2024 “estimate of needs.”

The board will be presented with a proposed meeting calendar for an accelerated elementary school attendance zone boundary change. Two meetings are planned on Jan. 24 and Feb. 14.  The proposed elementary school changes would move students living on the west side of Rt. 28 including the Kincora development to Steuart Weller Elementary School. The change involves two zones that just had secondary school attendance changes in December. Under the new secondary school attendance zone changes, these zones would attend Belmont Ridge Middle School and Riverside High School starting next fall.

In downtown Leesburg, CL24, which includes Crescent Place, the future development of Virginia Village, Monroe Manor and KML South King Street developments, which also just had secondary attendance zone changes made in December to Smart’s Mill Middle School and Tuscarora High School is proposed to be reassigned to Frances Hazel Reid Elementary School. 

The final elementary school attendance zone proposal is to the western part of CL17, which is the Cattail Run development to Ball’s Bluff Elementary School, Smart’s Mill Middle and Tuscarora High School. There are currently no students living in this zone. 

More information about the proposed changes will be at the Jan. 24 School Board meeting.

Several information items will be discussed tonight, including Policy 5045, governing the Selection, Review and Challenge of Instructional Resources.

Tiffany Polifko (Broad Run) is recommending the policy go back to the Curriculum and Instruction Committee to reveiw language to provide parameters for what is and what is not considered acceptable materials within school libraries. Polifko wants to operationally define the terms “culturally responsive” and “diverse” in the policy. 

Polifko was opposed to Policy 5055, Parental Notification of Instructional Materials with Sexually Explicit Content when it was adopted Nov. 29. She said at the time the policy was in direct conflict with existing policy 5045 and wanted to expand the notification requirement to include materials in school libraries even if it wasn’t assigned for use by a teacher. 

“We are preparing as a board to pass a policy stating that students shouldn’t be exposed to sexually explicit material in our schools without parental knowledge, but we currently have a policy in place, 5045, which allowed those materials to come into LCPS,” she said at the Nov. 29 meeting. 

Polifko and Atoosa Reaser (Algonkian) were the only two on the board to vote against Policy 5055.

The Curriculum and Instruction Committee is chaired by Serotkin and includes Mahedavi and Reaser. 

The board will also be given the annual Comprehensive Financial Report and School Activity Funds Annual Financial Report for the fiscal year ending June 2022. 

The board is scheduled to discuss and vote on one action item, the revision of a policy that addresses unpaid student meal debt. 

The policy was adopted in 2019 to establish communication with parents of students whose accounts have insufficient funds to pay for school meals and to outline who is responsible for paying for any debt. 

The board reviewed the policy at the Dec. 13 meeting.

This story was updated Jan. 10 at 9:52 to correct proposed changes to CL17.

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Heck, I thought they were going to tell us about achievement awards that were held back in 3 Loudoun County high schools, nope. Maybe they focused on the education of the students, nope. Maybe they were going to collect lunch money from deadbeat parents, nopety nope. Could it be they were going to actually cut their spending, nope! A decrease in the so-called increase is still an increase.


The budget is bloated and needs to be brought under control.


Putting "estimate of needs" in quotes is appropriate. The LCPS budget is a compilation of needs, wants and selfish whims of every government employee at LCPS with an additional $50M slush fund added in for further insult to the taxpayers. Since 2014, the per pupil spending has increased from ~$11,800 to nearly $20.000 despite falling test scores. Think about that. Then consider who could possibly oppose school choice except for the pampered government teachers and their political protectors.

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