County supervisors on Tuesday unanimously agreed to a plan to expand Round Hill’s town limits by 125 acres westward to include the Western Loudoun Sheriff’s Substation, the future Round Hill Fire and Rescue Station, and the Hill High Marketplace alongside Rt. 7.

Hill High includes More Better Restaurant and Beer Garden, Mom’s Apple Pie, Bogati Winery, the Round Hill Art Center, and Gateway Gallery, an artist co-op. The town refers to it as the Round Hill Western Commercial District.

The land is in the Joint Land Management Area around the town, which calls for cooperation between the county and town on land planning issues, and the expansion is called for in the town’s 2017 Round Hill Comprehensive Plan and the 2021 Round Hill Strategic Action Plan. The strategic action plan calls for the expansion to “grow town tax base, provide a new source of volunteers for elected and appointed positions, and bring in key properties to achieve other Town objectives.”

It would also represent a 53% increase in the town’s area.

The Town Council voted to request the boundary line adjustment at its July 21 meeting. County supervisors held a public hearing on the plan July 13 and voted unanimously Sept. 6 to approve the petition.

The boundary line adjustment request will next go to the Circuit Court for final approval.

The expansion is the first of several the Town Council is considering to incorporate land in the Joint Land Management Area and within its utility service area.

Round Hill Expansion Plan Moves to Circuit Court

A map of the current and proposed future limits of the Town of Round Hill. The proposed expansion is in orange. [Loudoun County]

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