Glen Adams

Purcellville's Interim Town Manager Glen Adams resigned on Wednesday May 24, 2023, four weeks after accepting the job. 

Purcellville’s newest Interim Town Manager Glen Adams has resigned, effective June 6, only four weeks after accepting the job.

Adams is the third town manager this year to resign from the position, following David Mekarski and John Anzivino, as well as the town attorney and planning director.

Adams said that he resigned after learning that he was not selected to move forward in the interview process for the permanent position.

“I wanted the job, do not be confused, because the staff and the residents deserved it,” Adams said. “I put my heart and soul into it and fell in love with Purcellville.”

The council held interviews for applicants for the Town Manager position Friday, May 19 and Monday, May 22. They convened into a closed session to discuss the candidates during Tuesday night’s council meeting.

“If I’m not mistaken, that’s 3 Town Managers since January of this year,” County Supervisor Tony Buffington (R-Blue Ridge) wrote in a Facebook post Wednesday afternoon. “… and that’s not counting current senior staff members who I’m told refused to accept the position, and the interim Town Manager placement company that refused to provide one for Purcellville, and the resignations and retirements of other key staff members to include the Town Attorney! Is it really the Town Managers who are the issue?”

Loudoun Now has contacted Mayor Stanley J. Milan for comment but has not heard back at the time of this article’s publication.

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I stand corrected based on an article from the LTM. A quote from Mr. Adams, “I told them what it takes for me to become the Town Manager and obviously they weren’t willing to make that change,” he said in an email to the Times-Mirror. “So I wasn’t selected to move forward. Which with how they conduct business I’m not willing to stay on.”

So as I said on its face, but now the truth is coming out. Stanley, Christopher and the rest of their crew need to resign effective immediately. They don’t listen to 3 Town Managers as they have resigned. Based on some of the votes lately they don’t listen to their constituents either.


Can’t wait for Purcellville to have an interim interim interim interim town manager. Innovative. [tongue]

Dissolving the town governance structure looks more logical as time goes on.


They're playing 3D chess. They can see the moves before the game has even begun.

mr purcell

Whatever happened to not being selfish & acting on behalf of the greater good? I hope MIian's campaign manager Smith can convince him to resign for the greater good.

mr purcell

Smith is busy again this week with his story/editorial for the Blue Ridge Leader. It is a lonely spot these days being President of the Milan for Mayor fan club.

Pville Pete

Stanley and his merry crew are doing a great job! What’s the over/under for town managers in the entire year? 6,7,8…This town is way beyond a laughing stock now. We have leaders who are so clueless, it’s not funny. Instead, it’s dangerous!! We are going to be cast out from the most prosperous county in the country, left with crippling debt for generations, and will more than likely be left with an inept workforce given, that anyone left who has a sound mind will run for the hills!!


"Poorfarmboy Apr 28, 2023 7:09am

I give this one a month. They should start looking for a new town manager Monday morning."

Got any stock tips?


No stock tips

But we should call fox and see if we can get a tv show.

Just another day of Purcellville who going to quit today.


This one on its face sounds like sour grapes. Maybe, just maybe Stanley, Christopher and the crew didn't alienate this one. Or maybe they did, who knows how they told him he wasn't on the short list. It does look bad on its face for these clowns though. Failure to keep high level staff. Can't say that I'm shocked.


Glen Adams is acting like petulant child. Mayor Milan & his allies don't have him under consideration for the permanent position. So he's picking up his marbles & going home. What poor form Mr. Adams! Whatever happened to not being selfish & acting on behalf of the greater good? On a brighter note, Happy Memorial Day Loudoun!


"Glen Adams comes with all the right credentials & a healthy respect for Purcellville's small-town charm. I'm optimistic it will be a good fit..."

timmysmith May 05, 2023

Beetle Baily





The other newspaper had a more in depth and insightful article on this disaster of a town hierarchy. He wanted the job but would not take his input as to what he felt the town needed. No sour grapes, getting out of Dodge while getting is good. Any way we can get rid of Stanley! What a mess!


Why should he stay in a job only to be replaced by someone else. I am sure most people in this position would do the same thing.

Pville Pete

You’ve truly got your finger on the pulse with this one Tim! There is certainly no hint of an underlying trend or issue here is there? We should all bow at the feet of Stan and his crew, for weeding out these weak leaders.

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