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Gov. Glenn Youngkin spoke at a rally for congressional candidate Hung Cao Tuesday afternoon at Elysium Axe bar in Purcellville.

He reminded voters of the importance of voting as well as volunteering to knock on doors and make phone calls to get Republican voters to the polls tomorrow.

“We can win this election because we know how to do the work,” he said.

He also touted Cao as “the embodiment of the American dream.”

“He understands that you don’t work for him,” Youngkin said. “He works for you.”

Speaking on inflation, Cao said, “When our gas bill starts to look like our grocery bill, our grocery bill starts looks like our Costco bill, and our Costco bill starts to look like our mortgage, we have a problem.” 

Other speakers included Pastor Gary Hamrick from Cornerstone Chapel and Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears. 

Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 8. Polls are open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. Find your polling place, sample ballots and more at or

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Wexton has been a Biden/Pelosi puppet that has created historic inflation, radicalized education and higher taxes.

Good riddance!

Cao is a principled man that will rein in out of control government.


My goodness. What a toxic mix of speakers: Glenn Youngkin, Hung Cao, Pastor Gary & Winsome Sears. They spread nothing but negativity. Loudoun is doing very well under Democrat leadership, thank you very much. Things really aren't that bad. Please Vote Loudoun!


What sort of pastor speaks at political rallies? Jesus would be ashamed I'm sure...not that this guy would know much about that...

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