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Lissa Savaglio.

With the last ballots of the 2022 elections still coming in, the first formal announcement from a challenger in 2023 Board of Supervisors race has already been made.

Loudoun County Democratic Committee Chair Lissa Savaglio announced Nov. 9 that she will step down from chairing the committee to run for the Board of Supervisors in the new Little River District in next year’s election. Her resignation takes effect Dec. 1.

“The Little River District is a new district to Loudoun County and deserves representation that is not afraid to stand up for the values that we hold dear. We will not go backwards and, as I have sought to demonstrate time and time again, I will work tirelessly to bring this community together for the betterment of all,” Savaglio stated in the acouncment. “I am running on the foundation of beliefs that inspire me: public education, human rights, climate change, as well as issues specific to Little River, such as bringing action to solve the disrupting noise pollution from the Dulles Airport and the preservation of Western Loudoun.”

Although it's her first run for office, Savaglio has been active in politics and the Loudoun Democratic committee since 2016. Like many Democrats campaigning today, she said she was urged to action during during former president Donald Trump's 2016 campaign and election.

"I remember I was watching the debate between Trump and Hillary [Clinton] sitting on my couch with my daughter, who was in high school at that time, and just watching him kind of tower over Hillary and realizing just what was going on," she said. "I was looking at my daughter thinking, when my grandkids read about this time in history books and ask what I did, my answer couldn't be 'nothing.'"

She started canvassing for the Clinton campaign and working with the Loudoun Democrats.

In terms of specific goals on the county board, she pointed to the ongoing debate over the high noise zone around Dulles Airport. A Brambleton resident, she is among the Loudouners who see jet traffic from Dulles flying low over their homes.

"We really need to have the Board of Supervisors and the community work together with the FAA and the Dulles Airport to figure out the true solution that's not going to continuously disrupt people's lives," she said. "We're not against the airport. The airport is fine. We just want to be able to sleep at night."

The Little River District was created during the most recent redistricting, a new southwestern district to replace to Blue Ridge District. Currently Republican Supervisor Tony R. Buffington represents the Blue Ridge District.

Explore the new local election districts, which will see their first elections next year, with an interactive map here or download a map here.

Renss Greene is the deputy editor of Loudoun Now. He primarily covers Loudoun County government.

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If you buy a home in an airports flight paths you deserve what you get.


I'd love to see Lissa Savaglio be victorious & knock out Tony Buffington. He doesn't belong on the Board of Supervisors. He often votes as if he's in the Stone Age. Good luck Ms. Savaglio!


That would be tough considering Buffington doesn't live in the Little River district.

Chris Manthos

Oh that's cool. Tell us what efforts you'll make to not raise taxes on already overburdened Loudoun homeowners? Will you get the trash off the roads? What are your ideas to ensure adequate fire protection and rescue services, since plenty of homeowners in this district pay higher insurance rates due to a lack of timely fire response. How many new developments will you vote against?

Hating a former president is all fine and dandy, but what about real issues for real people?


Amen. Last thing we need is another activist on the BOS.

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