hanson park entrance

An entrance to Hal and Berni Hanson Regional Park.

Four Loudoun County programs have been recognized with 2023 Achievement Awards from the National Association of Counties, or NACo.

 One went to Hal & Berni Hanson Regional Park, which opened in September 2022 on 257 acres after a years-long effort. It includes a tournament-level disc golf course, Loudoun’s first-ever specifically designed and designated cricket pitch, and two stadiums designed to host regional and statewide tournaments. It also includes 17 lighted athletic fields and more than 75 acres of passive recreational space.

The Department of Economic Development created the Loudoun Farm Exchange to fill a supply chain gap among rural producers, seeking to keep money in the county by connecting local rural products and services. It offers in-person networking and a digital marketplace.

The Loudoun County Pre-K Skill Builders is a self-paced program offered by Loudoun County Public Library, designed to strengthen preschoolers’ school readiness skills, which research has shown to be underdeveloped as a result of pandemic challenges. Children and caregivers do activities focused on early literacy and math concepts, fine and gross motor skills, and social-emotional awareness. Both children and adults develop also confidence and form relationships with others in the community.

And a fourth award went to the Department of Family Services’ annual financial assistance for children to attend local summer camps. The department moved from paper-based applications to cloud applications, fully digitizing the application process, streamlining it and offering more flexibility and control internally.

More information is online at loudoun.gov/awards.

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