Lindsey Davis Stover, a consultant and former staffer in Congress and in the Obama administration, has announced her challenge to Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-VA-10). “Our district deserves a member of Congress who has the courage to stand up to President Trump’s divisiveness and put the needs of our communities first,” Stover stated in a press release Tuesday announcing her candidacy. “In Donald Trump and Barbara Comstock’s America, the ladder of opportunity will stay broken, good people will be pitted against each other, and hard work will not result in opportunities for our families.” Stover has previously served in the Senior Executive Service at the Department of Veterans Affairs, as well as the department’s White House liaison, and co-chaired the Veterans Administration’s Strategic Communications Council. She also served as chief of staff to former Texas Rep. Chet Edwards (D). She is a graduate of Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. Currently, she works alongside Edwards at Edwards, Davis Stover & Associates, a government relations consulting firm in McLean. She is also vice president of Dallas-based Ryan Government Services LLC, which provides tax advisory and consulting services in 40 countries. Stover and her husband, Jeremey, coach soccer and little league and teach Sunday school at Trinity United Methodist Church. They have two daughters, ages 5 and 7. “This campaign isn’t about me,” Stover stated. “It’s about working together to put the people of this district and our communities first.” Stover is the second person to announce a challenge to Comstock, following fellow Democrat Dan Helmer.

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