Scott K. York is taking over as the executive director of the Committee for Dulles after serving in that role on an interim capacity since March. 

“Scott’s leadership has helped to refocus the Committee, growing the membership, and lead us through the fiscal challenges the Committee was facing at the end of 2019 which were further complicated by the COVID-19 pandemic,” CFD President Jack Vega said in making the announcement. “He has demonstrated since March that he brings the strategic and tactical skills necessary as the Executive Director of the Committee for Dulles and to, not just grow our membership but also, lead us into the future.” 

York served as Loudoun County chairman for 16 years, from 2000 to 2016, after also serving on the county Planning Commission and a term as the Sterling District supervisor. His service covered the period of Loudoun’s most rapid growth when county leaders set the parameters for development in the Ashburn and Dulles South regions, implemented polices to growth technology sector and the rural economy and planned the extension of Metro rail service to Ashburn. He lost his final re-election bid in a four-way race in 2015. He joined the Committee for Dulles board last year.

Founded in 1966, the Committee for Dulles supports the economic vitality of the airport and to inform the business community and government officials about the strategic role that the airport plays in the region’s transportation infrastructure and economy. 

“I have enjoyed working with a great group of men and women to carry out this organization’s mission to support the growth of Washington Dulles International Airport,” York said. “I’m grateful for the confidence and support of the Board of Directors to become the new Executive Director of this wonderful organization. I look forward to this opportunity to enhance the work of the Committee for Dulles and the value provided to its members.”

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