The Loudoun County Design Cabinet, a volunteer group of architects, engineers, planners, and designers dedicated to supporting quality design in Loudoun County, presented the 2021 “Signatures of Loudoun” design awards in a ceremony on June 29.

The program, now in its 17th year, recognizes businesses and community organizations that choose superior design standards in building, renovating or expanding a project.

This year’s honorees range from the interior of Leesburg’s Echelon Wine Bar, to the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office’s eye-catching Ashburn Station, to the familiar face of Stanley Caulkins in bronze sitting on a bench on Leesburg’s King Street.

Each year, the community is invited to submit nominations, which are voted on by the cabinet. The cabinet presents awards in several categories.

The Pace Setters Award went to the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office’s Ashburn Station, and to the Loudoun School for Advanced Studies.

The Interiors award went to Echelon Wine Bar in Leesburg.

The Makeovers Award went to King and Loudoun in Leesburg, now a collection of three shops including Brick and Mortar, Sunflower Shack and Señor Ramon Taqueria; and the Walker Farm Tenant House.

The Details Award went to the Leesburg LOVEwork Sculpture and the Windy Hill Foundation’s Heronview.

The Familiar Details Award went to the statue of longtime businessman Stanley Caulkin that sits on a bench on Leesburg’s King Street.

And the Vision in Design Award went to Larry Rosenstrauch, the former director of the Loudoun County Department of Economic Development.

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