Letter: Karla McGovern, Leesburg 

Editor: I am writing to express my displeasure about what happened in downtown Leesburg during September’s First Friday.  

Supporters of the Republican candidate for the House of Representatives and local candidates endorsed by the Republican Party were on three corners of King, Loudoun, and Market. They were aggressive in trying to get your attention and take their literature. You had to go by them to get in or out of the closed section of King Street. At one point, a large group of them paraded up the street waving political signs and flags, interfering with the people on the street.  

As the weather was beautiful, the street was quite crowded. They were careless with their poles, even bumping into people. I expect that many people sitting outside enjoying dinners and drinks found it disruptive and invasive to their enjoyment of First Friday.  

I know that an important midterm and local election is coming up on Nov. 8. I know that it is common for political candidates to campaign during Leesburg events, including talking to voters and passing out flyers, “vote for so-and-so” stickers, etc. I have no objection to this type of activity. 

However, what the Republican supporters did during First Friday went way beyond normal campaigning and veered straight into complete obnoxiousness.  None of their actions would convince me to vote for any of the candidates they support. In fact, I am seriously considering avoiding First Friday until after the election, unless the campaigns agree to stop this type of intrusive action.

Karla McGovern, Leesburg 

14 thoughts on “Letter: Karla McGovern, Leesburg 

  • 2022-09-20 at 5:44 pm

    I’m guessing Ms. McGovern could be convince to vote for a Republican if she were given $1m.

    • 2022-09-21 at 12:45 am

      Wow, that’s a very specific and weird thing to say.

  • 2022-09-20 at 7:10 pm

    Notwithstanding any free speech issue, this Republican ballot of outstanding candidates more than explains the amount of enthusiasm their supporters are putting into ensuring that voters are aware of their solid attributes. Suzanne Fox is offering a Better Path Foward in her run for Leesburg Mayor after the mandates and shut downs that marked the recent past. After the attacks on parents that marked the recent actions by the LCSB, Mike Rivera, running for the open Leesburg School Board seat, has been active at school board meetings and offers parents a real voice going forward.
    At the Top Of The Ticket is Hung Cao. He is the quintessential embodiment of The American Dream that all immigrants aspire to. He came with his family from Viet Nam as a child, he graduated from the Thomas Jefferson HS for Science and Technology in its first graduating class and then went on to graduates from the Naval Academy. He has more than paid his debt with 25+ years of service in virtually every hot spot in the world. He is anxious to reverse the trends that Jennifer Wexton has supported by voting 100% with Speaker Pelosi and President Biden and the spending that has brought us all significant inflation worries. Cao, a retired explosive ordnance disposal officer, signals to me that he could be #CaoTheWEXTerminator! I hope it also signals he will replace the Rainbow Flag Wexton put outside her office on Capitol Hill, replacing the one honoring POW MIA that previously stood there.

    • 2022-09-22 at 11:42 pm

      You have to be out of your mind to vote anyone in the GOP. That is a waste of a vote. Do you see what that party represents? Against women’s rights, don’t care about gun control, support the lying Big Orange Goon, cannot take it that they lost the 2020 election. The GOP are anti American just by their behavior. Hung Cao? Please pick me up off the floor, I am howling my head off. I heard him speak, he has no clue about governing.

  • 2022-09-20 at 7:45 pm

    Hats off to Karla McGovern for taking the time to share her concerns. It’s a very compelling essay. I hope the Loudoun Republican Committee takes heed. “You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar,” as the saying goes. Happy Rosh Hashanah Loudoun!

  • 2022-09-20 at 9:48 pm

    Well, it’s a clear case of domestic terrorism if you ask me. Next thing you know they’ll be burning down Kenosha and Milwaukee and setting fire to the church across the street from the White House. Better call Merrick Garland.

    Show me the videos or it didn’t happen.

  • 2022-09-21 at 11:51 am

    These Trumpsters and MAGA-nites just keep showing their true colors. I have seen them downtown Leesburg, and frankly, they appear similar in some ways to the brown shirts of 1920s Munich. Let them keep showing their true colors and if that is how Hung Cao prefers to gain votes, I don’t think it is going to work out to well for him.

    • 2022-09-22 at 4:22 pm

      I am going to suggest you know nothing about “brown shirts in Munich” in 1920 if you believe there are similarities between them and modern Republicans. The school board hid evidence of sexual assaults in schools as long as they could. Then they tried to crucify a few teachers and a parent who opposed policies including forced speech and hiding rapes. Tell me who are the real extremists in Loudoun? I suggest it is Zeigler, Biberaj and most of the current school board.

  • 2022-09-22 at 6:21 am

    I was at First Friday as well and I guess we live in 2 different realities. The Republican candidates had the Plowman building as their headquarters, and thus were naturally grouped around the building on the corner in order to meet and greet the constituents. I had to approach them to talk about the issues, and they were nothing but gracious. The Democratic candidates were walking (dare I say marching?) up and down King Street doing the same, and at one point, Kelly Burke was standing and greeting people near the Republicans as well. As with the Republicans, they were gracious and friendly when I stopped to talk about the issues. As for aggression, I guess the young man standing there silently offering “Fox-corn” (popcorn) might but construed that way if you have a popcorn allergy. The only disruptive and invasive people I saw were the costumed hauntings people who would sometimes creep around people, but all in good fun. Perhaps the author mistook them for Republicans.

  • 2022-09-22 at 12:47 pm

    After years of obnoxious democrat-provoked protests and riots that cost billions and killed dozens, this writer decides to speak out about being inconvenienced by a small group of enthusiastic republicans.
    Cry me a river.

  • 2022-09-22 at 4:46 pm

    Bagram Air Base surrendered to China, Taliban or worse, Hunter making deals that look to compromise the president and ALL OF OUR SAFETY, no investigation of Wuhan to figure out what killed 1 million Americans, millions enslaved in China yet no real response from controlling federal party, fake control of southern border leading to 100,000 plus children dying of fentanyl poisoning, inflation worst in 40 years caused by out of control fiscal spending etc, etc, etc. Your right – enthusiastic fans of an American veteran willing to help improve our representation is inexcusable! 🙂

  • 2022-09-22 at 9:18 pm

    Poor Karla was really triggered, wasn’t she? Karla, I was at First Friday with my family and we saw the candidates, none of whom were being the slightest bit obnoxious. All of them were standing there, waiting to discuss their positions with whomever wished to speak with them. Karla, your political preference has clouded your brain and has you making things up. 99% of the time, people who see any kind of bad behavior whip out their cell phones to record the action, so please let all of us know when that video is provided. Until then, I’m calling BS on your dramedy.

  • 2022-09-23 at 8:07 am

    I’m saddened to learn that the author was subjected to a situation where she might’ve been required to embrace diversity of thought. It really is uncalled for to have neighbors who think differently. And shame on candidates for making themselves available and meeting with members of the public to learn about the issues most important to the general public. All candidates should be more like Kelly Burk and do whatever gives them the most power, regardless of what the people want. I would suggest that the author make a donation to Kelly Burk’s campaign, but Kelly is sitting on a $20,000 donation from Michael Bloomberg and is already moving full steam ahead in turning Leesburg into New York City.

    If anyone reading this actually values diversity, free speech, government without bias or corruption, then they need to vote against Bloomberg Burk and ensure Suzanne Fox is the next Mayor of Leesburg.

  • 2022-09-26 at 7:52 am

    Poor Karla.
    One wonders if she would have written this letter had the subjects been affiliated with the democratic party……..Hummmmmm.

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