Leesburg Government Reviews Connections to China

Last summer, the Town Council requested a review of any business the town government conducts with China-based firms. On Monday, it got the answer. There’s only one: TikTok.

“For Town capital improvement projects, all existing contracts are with companies that are registered with the Virginia State Corporation Commission and are authorized to transact business in Virginia. The Town is not aware of any current contractors located in China. Any contract that utilizes federal funding requires the Town to buy American products or products made within the United States due to the Buy America Act/Davis Bacon Act,” according to the staff report.

The staff report identified TikTok as the only known link to China. The town’s Public Information Office in June launched an account on the app with the goal of reaching younger residents.

The review followed the Town Council’s adoption of a resolution condemning the Chinese government’s persecution of the Falun Gong religious group and organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience. 

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