Competing CRT Rallies Held Outside School Board Meeting

Two groups gathered outside the Loudoun County Public School Board meeting on Sept. 13—one showing support for critical race theory, the other opposed.

The rally against was called Eraced. Organizer and Army of Parents co-founder Elicia Brand said they “see mankind as one blood and equally valuable.”

Eraced rally goers listen to 10th District Congressional candidate Hung Cao outside the Loudoun County Public Schools Administration building on Sept 13.

She introduced John K. Amanchukwu Sr., a former college football player turned pastor, speaker and author of the book “Eraced: Uncovering the Lies of Critical Race Theory and Abortion.”

“His message is about loving all people of mankind with one blood as human beings. One race, one color and still respecting people’s cultural backgrounds,” Brand said. “We are all about love and respect and we don’t believe CRT is respectful. We believe it is racist, and we believe racism is a sin. Racism of any kind. We want to embrace history and slavery and racism and the conversations around those to eradicate racism, but we want to do it through compassion, love, understanding, teaching and forgiveness. And that is not what CRT is. It is vengeful, its’ divisive and its racist.”

She said they were at the meeting to appeal to the School Board and said they were thrilled to see the other side at the rally and hoped they could come together for the children.

“We may not agree on everything, but we definitely agree that we love our kids and we find to the center ground,” said Brand.

Amanchukwu said of the reason he was at the rally, “I’m against white supremacy, but I’m also against Black supremacy. I’m for God’s supremacy. I’m starting a movement. I want to unite America.”

Pastor John Amanchukwu Sr. author of the book “Eraced: Uncovering the Lies of Critical Race Theory and Abortion” speaks at the Eraced rally on Sept. 13.

Meanwhile Heather Gottlieb, organizer of the pro-CRT rally, showed up with supporters who she said came together because they felt passionately about the message.

“We are small but mighty. These are parents, these are products of Loudoun County Public Schools and people who live in Loudoun County and just wanted to show up,” said Gottlieb.

Members of the pro-CRT rally march with signs near the Eraced rally on Sept. 13 outside the Loudoun County Public Schools Administration building.

She said she took the day off to be at the rally because she couldn’t sit back and do nothing. She said was happy with the turnout.

“We are embracing empathy, we are embracing our history, embracing our diversity, embracing truth and emotional intelligence, embracing public education, embracing the separation of church and state,” Gottlieb said.

Gottlieb said the rally was meant to be peaceful, and she said it was driven home to rally participants that they weren’t there to engage or fight, but to share their message. She said she was pleased with how well it went.

Other than a few tense moments when various rally goers exchanged words the event was peaceful, with rally goers engaging in discussions.

Joe Mobley, host of the Joe Mobley Show and one of the speakers at the Eraced rally talks with a pro-CRT rally goer on Sept. 13 at the Loudoun County Public Schools Administration building.

11 thoughts on “Competing CRT Rallies Held Outside School Board Meeting

  • 2022-09-14 at 12:19 pm

    I’m glad everything was peaceful. It’s wonderful so many caregivers are engaged in their children’s education. I don’t happen to agree with folks who are hyper about CRT. It’s become a boogey man that I can’t relate to. But as Voltaire asserted, “I disapprove of what you say. But I will defend to the death your right to say it.” Happy Classical Music Month Loudoun!

  • 2022-09-14 at 1:00 pm

    No one is saying DO NOT TEACH HISTORY! Of course we need to teach history, including all of the bad and ugly. But what we should NOT be teaching is divisive rhetoric that pits white kids against non-white kids. For the latter to look at a white kid and only see an oppressor and white kids only seeing non-white kids as oppressed. The liberals always talk about we are a nation of immigrants. A melting pot. So why are we teaching one color bad and all other colors will have a hard time to or not succeed because they are not white (Asians are now grouped as white kids in many studies now, btw). I know many people of color who studied hard, worked hard, and are now successful. I know many white people who didn’t study hard, who didn’t work hard, and are now struggling. But they are white, so they don’t count. The liberals only want to focus on the non-whites, because that is where the votes are.

    We should be teaching our kids how this country has evolved. How we make progress. How this country has done more good than bad, and while we have done bad (and teach that), we also have learned from the bad and strive to be a more perfect union. And part of evolving is to stop looking at skin color.

  • 2022-09-14 at 1:42 pm

    I don’t know how effective counter-protesting MAGA-Fascists is. They seem hell-bent on control. They will lie and cheat and are willing to hurt LGBT kids (in fact, seem to take joy in it) and minorities that stand in their way.

    The amount of vitriol I’ve seen from them at these rallies and in public comments is frightening. One only needs to look around Leesburg to spot people proudly displaying “3 percenter” and other right wing and fascist stickers publically and with pride. I think most people simply don’t recognize the symbols for what they are.

    I suggest people think hard about how they want to vote in November. Do you want angry, hurtful fascists running the school board? The town? In congress? Maybe dump the Republicans until they dump their authoritarian hate wing.

    • 2022-09-15 at 11:27 am

      So the two black men and the asian guy pictured in this story are hell bent to harm kids and minorities? Is that what you’re selling Iam? Yeah. Okay. Sure. Tell yourself what you have to.

      When somebody calls others fascists, they’re usually covering for their own control-freak tendencies.

  • 2022-09-14 at 4:03 pm

    The speaker list for the rally spanned virtually the diversity spectrum. The protesters were, almost to a person, all white. Liberal, sanctimonious hypocrites all!

  • 2022-09-14 at 4:19 pm

    Can’t see it from the photos that LN carefully crafted, but the anti-CRT crowd was far larger.

  • 2022-09-14 at 4:19 pm

    I wish the LoudounNow reporter would do their homework. There is no CRT being taught in any school at any level in Loudoun County. The attendance by individual community members of Loudoun County, was organized to send a positive message that we care about All of our children, teachers and the school system. It’s time to let go of the dog whistling.

  • 2022-09-14 at 8:04 pm

    Thanks for a covering an event that had about 15 people.

    The majority of us believe that CRT is racist and should be tossed from the Loudoun curriculum.

    When you teach based on skin color-IT IS RACIST.

  • 2022-09-15 at 9:40 am

    Good to hear both rallies made a good faith effort to “talk with” and not “talk to” each other. It is important to understand history as opposed to trying to wipe away its existence. For example, the 1619 Project was launched in August 2019 to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the first African slaves in colonial Virginia (
    The missing piece that’s never mentioned is the “The Regimento of 1512.” King Afonso I, ruler of Kongo (historical kingdom in west-central Africa), extended Kongo’s relations with Portugal, reaching an agreement (the Regimento, 1512) with Manuel I of Portugal by which the Kongo accepted Portuguese institutions, granted extraterritorial rights to Portuguese subjects, and supplied slaves to Portuguese traders. In 1526, upon discovering that Portuguese merchants were purchasing illegally enslaved persons and exporting them, Afonso established an administrative system to oversee the slave trade, which reached considerable proportions during his reign.
    The bottom line is King Afonso supplied slaves to Europeans through the administrative system he set up. So, when we talk about the evils of slavery and every right thinking person thinks slavery is evil, we have to understand that powerful, educated rulers like King Afonso played a role in the process. As an aside, King Afonso was a Christian and firmly established the Catholic Church in the Kongo.
    Going back to why a broad based understanding of history is important when it comes to education, here are some thoughts by Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin:
    1. Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted (Lenin).
    2. Give us the child for 8 years and it will be a Bolshevik forever (Lenin).
    3. It is true that liberty is precious; so precious that it must be carefully rationed (Lenin)

    Note: Liberty for all should never be rationed; we must work hard so all American feel and know they are free (Dragon13)

    4. Keep people from their history, and they are easily controlled (Marx).
    5. The last capitalist we hang shall be the one who sold us the rope (Marx).
    6. We have no compassion and we ask no compassion from you. When our turn comes, we shall not make excuses for the terror (Marx).

    If those six quotes from Marx & Lenin don’t make you want to work together to find solutions, help each other when someone is in need, and speak with each other about things that are important, I am at a loss for words.

  • 2022-09-15 at 1:52 pm

    These counter-protests by Democrats are an affront to the principles of the 1st Amendment. Democrats feel the need to constantly shout down their opponents. They are rude and crude. But, it seems one benefit to Democrats’ crassness, is that it gives liberal media sympathizers an excuse to present the demonstrations in an equal light, despite the fact that the pro-CRT fascists were greatly outnumbered by people that actually care about children and their education.

  • 2022-09-15 at 5:22 pm

    The Global corporations have removed the white race from most of their commercials. Gillette/venus razor has a cartoon character singing a rap song dissing parents and singing about things you should not mention in front of children. Coke stated to their employees to act less white. You see movies and tv programs that diss whites. Gerber, you know the baby company connected to China and their diapers fray after one wash because they are paper thin. Phexxi commercials welcome you into a pink tunnel representing a woman for our children to see. The public school system that has followed the unionized propaganda; use union dues to fund communists. Why in the world would white people want to attend these public schools when you have folks like Heather G pushing politics onto our children? Their enrollment is already down. It appears this is their agenda.

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