Loudoun Health Commission Seeks Volunteers

The Loudoun Health Commission is seeking members to fill the four vacant seats of nine positions.

“Health Commission members play an important role in advising the Board of Supervisors about public health needs in the county. The commission also provides a forum for health care providers, businesses, government and education leaders to exchange ideas,” said Loudoun County Health Department Director Dr. David Goodfriend. “With the Board’s recent disbanding of the Lyme Disease Commission, the Health Commission will also be taking on the responsibility of increasing awareness about Lyme disease prevention in the county.”

Those interested in serving on the commission can go to loudoun.gov/advisory for information on how to apply for that as well as the county’s numerous other advisory boards.

One thought on “Loudoun Health Commission Seeks Volunteers

  • 2022-09-13 at 5:31 pm

    Health officials need to pay attention to a very serious matter within the walls of long term care facilities that directly impact our seniors. Most of the assisted livings, nursing homes, rehab centers and some hospitals are using packaged salted meats and canned foods and are overloading our seniors with sodium. This electrolyte can cause a dramatic decrease in another electrolyte potassium. Low potassium levels have been found in stroke and cardiac patients. Help us protect our seniors by mandating healthier, low salted diets in these facilities. They should only have a total of 1200 mg of sodium per day if they have health issues such as congestive heart failure and no more than 2300 mg total of sodium otherwise. One meal at an assisted living may have 6000 mg of sodium. This is causing unnecessary admissions and readmissions to our hospitals. A task force needs to be formed to help seniors understand the complications of heart failure which is a targeted DRG under Medicare for lack of education, unnecessary admissions and readmission. The number one person that causes an ER visit is the doctor’s receptionists that blows the seniors off and does not have a register nurse all them back. If they have a history of CHF, the nurse may ask for the weight, notable swelling in their feet, and a walking saturation through use of a pulse ox that can be purchased at walgreens. A lab can be ordered called BNP. All that may be needed is education to decrease salt intake; and increase in their diurectic. Receptionists should speak with the nurse and together help us prevent an unnecessary visit to the ER, waiting too long to be seen can cause unnecessary admissions. Just think if your volunteers helped with just this one issue; millions of Medicare dollars could be saved. Thank you Volunteers. Help us make a difference in the lives of our elderly neighbors. We love them and they need our support now more than ever.

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