Leesburg’s Trungo’s Again Hosts Buzzed at the Bee

Trungo’s restaurant in Leesburg on Thursday night once again hosted Buzzed at the Bee, the spelling bee and trivia night fundraiser for the Loudoun Literacy Council.

Trungo’s owners Mike Koch and Shaoshi Geller invited Loudoun Literacy to bring Buzzed at the Bee back to their restaurant after a two-year COVID-19 hiatus. It was the second Buzzed at the Bee at Trungo’s this year.

Contestants tried their hand in spelling, trivia questions about Loudoun and the English language, and categories like “Renaissance Artist or Coffee” or “Spell it Out or Act it Out,” in which if they can’t spell a word—for example, macaque—they can act it out instead. They were competing for prizes donated by Trungo’s, including a grand prize $50 gift certificate and Loudoun Literacy swag.

Thursday night’s big winner was Maddy Goggin, after stumbling on the word “zoopraxiscope,” an early form of motion projector, but correctly answering every other spelling question—as well as successfully answering questions like which is the first alphabetically of all numbers (eight), naming all five states that border Virginia, correctly guessing that “Masaccio” is an artist rather than a coffee drink, and satisfactorily acting out the word “parkour” without causing damage to the restaurant.

The games raise money for Loudoun’s largest literacy nonprofit, which offers programs such as adult and youth English classes, GED preparation, individualized tutoring, baby book bundles, financial literacy, health literacy, and job site literacy. The nonprofit also works in the schools, providing the federally-mandated but unfunded Head Start program, and the Starting Towards Excellence in Preschool or STEP program.

Loudoun Literacy Council is also preparing for its annual “NOT Your Kid’s Spelling Bee” on Friday, Oct. 14, this year emceed by former Claude Moore Charitable Foundation deputy executive director and Lynn Tadlock & Associates CEO and Founder Lynn Tadlock, at The National Conference Center. Quizmasters this year include Loudoun Chamber President and CEO Tony Howard, Visit Loudoun President and CEO Beth Erickson, and name-that-tune musical guests Lenny Burridge with Shye Gilad and Tim Rumfelt.

Tickets, sponsorship packages, silent auction donations and more information are online at loudounliteracy.org/event/not-your-kids-spelling-bee.

Buzzed at the Bee is hosted by Loudoun Now Deputy Editor Renss Greene. More information about Loudoun Literacy Council is at loudounliteracy.org.

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