Dominion Hosts Open House on Brambleton Power Line Plan

Dominion Energy held an open house at John Champe High School on Thursday evening to share illustrations and take questions on plans for two new substations, connected by a new 500 kilovolt transmission line from near Dulles Airport to Arcola Mills Drive.

The route runs along West Perimeter Road on the edge of airport property, crossing Loudoun County Parkway and then over the North Fork Broad Run Stream Valley Park and trail system just south of Birchwood at Brambleton. The transmission lines would connect to a proposed new substation, around 1,000 feet south of the existing substation by the intersection of Evergreen Mills Road and Arcola Mills Drive.

A map of proposed substations and routes for a new 500 kV transmission lines, with existing transmission lines in purple. Note the map incorrectly labels some roads which were renamed in 2020—the road to the north of the proposed lines labeled Shreveport Drive is now Evergreen Mills Road, and the road to the south is Arcola Mills Drive. [Dominion Energy]

The proposal came after Dominion warned it may not have the transmission capacity to connect new data centers for years.

The company plans to file plans with the State Corporation Commission in the fall after gathering public input, including from county leaders and planning and conservation officials. Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy Executive Director Michael Myers at the open house expressed concern about the power lines’ impact on the wildlife and waterfowl in the forested areas and stormwater ponds along the route at the trail system. See the proposed power line route and provide comment at

2 thoughts on “Dominion Hosts Open House on Brambleton Power Line Plan

  • 2022-09-09 at 12:53 pm

    Dominion has been playing Loudoun for years.
    They’ve been fabricating hurdles to burying their infrastructure in favor of ugly, hazardous over lines for years.
    Just like how Verizon walked all over prior BoS. Same for Comcast.

    We deserve better.

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