Loudoun County Launches Free Nonprofit Grants Management Training

Loudoun County will offer free professional development for local nonprofit organizations in October and November. The Grants Management Best Practices Series of educational sessions will highlight resources and tools to help organizations win and manage federal and state grants.

The in-person and online training sessions are designed to help nonprofits learn more about the government grants available beyond the county’s own grants, get technical assistance with federal grants, determine American Rescue Plan Act eligibility and compliance, and get guidance on performance and fiscal management.

Other nonprofits and local grant providers will be there to facilitate.

The series is intended as the first in a series of professional development opportunities for nonprofits the county will offer, with the next sessions expected in 2023. The in-person and virtual sessions last between 90 minutes and two hours and are meant to help nonprofits staff members write stronger grant applications, hone the skills to find, apply for and manage grants, and learn from subject matter experts.

Detailed information about each session, the schedule of sessions so far and advance registration is online at loudoun.gov/granttraining. For more information about grant opportunities, visit loudoun.gov/grantopportunities.

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    Great we will pay for have a in professional begging, oh my!

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