Leesburg Murder Case Advances to Grand Jury

The case against a 21-year-old Leesburg man charged with second-degree murder in the April 4 shooting of his cousin was sent to a grand jury for review following a preliminary hearing in Loudoun County Circuit Court on Thursday.

The investigation began when Leesburg Police Department dispatchers received a call at 2:30 a.m. April 4 reporting a suspicious event at a Fort Evans Road apartment. Officers arrived to find an adult male in the apartment with multiple gunshot wounds. Javaun Wright, 21 of Waldorf, MD, was declared dead at the scene. 

Nelson Jose Coronado Jr., 21, of Leesburg, is charged with second degree murder and one count of the use of a firearm in the commission of a felony. 

During the Sept. 1 court hearing, Coronado’s attorneys claimed he acted in self-defense, saying Wright was acting aggressively after taking prescription drugs and alcohol earlier in the evening. 

According to testimony, Coronado asked a friend, Tamara Walters who was on her way to meet him that night in an Uber to pull off at the nearest exit to help him because he said Wright was passed out and was unresponsive.

Walters testified that she met them in the parking lot of the Chick-Fil-A on Belmont Ridge Road and tried to help Coronado revive Wright. After applying frozen bags of food to his neck and body he came to, but became very agitated. By this time, according to testimony, they were in Leesburg near the Homewood Suites on Fort Evans Road. 

Walters said she began having a panic attack and told Coronado to pull over, the two got out of the car in the parking lot of the Homewood Suites and began yelling. Walters testified she was scared and worried about Wright. Police were called by the hotel management around 1:30 a.m. Walters said that Wright was coming to and kept trying to engage with officers in a friendly way. 

Responding officers testified he seemed under the influence of something and told the group to take him home to rest. 

Coronado lived in the apartments across the street from the hotel, so police let them walk there, according to testimony.

Walters said she got to the apartment first to clear her head. A few minutes later Coronado arrived and told her not to open the door. Wright arrived shortly after, still agitated. 

Walters said she tried to calm him down by talking to him, but he pushed his way into the apartment, pinning her between the door and a wall. She said once he entered the apartment she continued to try to calm him, even trying to grab his hands to stop him from swatting at her, as he continued to push her against the wall. She testified he was slurring and didn’t appear to be himself.

Minutes later Coronado emerged from the back of the apartment. She said Wright let go of her and lunged toward Coronado who fired a shot.

Walters said Wright kept going toward Coronado while she tried to leave the apartment. She testified she didn’t look behind her to see what was happening. She said a second bullet ricocheted off the doorknob, preventing her from leaving. A third shot was fired as she was able to get the door open and run out. 

Judge Deborah C. Welsh said the testimony was sufficient for the case to move to grand jury review for indictment. 

“Mr. Coronado had a gun and by his own admission fired it three times at his cousin. Malice can be inferred on holding the gun, pointing the gun and shooting the gun,” Welsh said. 

“There is probable cause here, not guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Those things will be determined in another court,” she added. 

Coronado is expected to appear in Loudoun County Circuit Court on Sept. 13, following the grand jury’s next meeting. 

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  • 2022-09-02 at 8:03 pm

    Any idea where the gun came from. This isn’t a gun control question but a simple question of how did he get it. When he pleads guilty to a lesser charge I hope that’s part of his admissions.

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