Middleburg’s Second Chapter Books Closing

Co-owners Kathy Jo Shea and Jilann Brunett are planning to wind down their Second Chapter Books store on Washington Street on Sept. 15, but plan to keep serving their faithful bibliophiles online. 

Members of the Town Council on Thursday thanked the pair for their long service to the community as business and civic leaders. Before opening their bookstore a decade ago, they operated Solstice Healing, offering acupuncture and massage therapy. Both served on town committees and Shea previously served on the Town Council.

Just as Brunett and Shea filled a community gap when they first opened on East Federal Street in a space that had been Book and Crannies, they said there is a chance their soon-to-be-empty space on Washington Street also could be filled by a new bookstore. 

One thought on “Middleburg’s Second Chapter Books Closing

  • 2022-09-01 at 9:06 am

    So sad. I hate to say it. But bookstores appear to be an endangered species. The online competition is fierce. Best wishes to Kathy Jo Shea & Jilann Brunett in their future endeavors!

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