Purcellville’s Bush Tabernacle Closed for Renovations

The Bush Tabernacle is closed while the Town of Purcellville works to replace the floor in the historic building. The project is anticipated to take three months, through the end of November.

Oak Ridge Commercial Construction was awarded the contract and funding was provided through Loudoun County’s Capital Improvement Program.

The Tabernacle at the Bush Meeting grounds was built in 1903. The building and property, which includes Fireman’s Field and Dillon’s Woods, were owned by the Purcellville Fire Department from 1947 to 2008 when the Town of Purcellville purchased them.

One thought on “Purcellville’s Bush Tabernacle Closed for Renovations

  • 2022-08-31 at 2:05 pm

    How much will the work cost? How much was budgeted?

    Simple, yet important questions, LN never seems to ask.

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