Middleburg Council Issues Statement on Annexation ‘Disinformation’

The Town Council last week issued a formal statement seeking to refute a “disinformation campaign” in which some residents have “knowingly misled the public, spread falsehoods and untruths regarding the annexation concepts, the actions of Council, the mayor, and the Town government.”

The 2,200-word statement specifically addresses five issues that has been raised by annexation opponents on the preservemiddleburg.com webpage and in other venues.

In the statement, the town leaders refuted five examples of “unfounded claims:” that the town would have to pay $250,000 to provide sewer service to the Hill School property if annexed (response: landowners are required to pay those costs); that the town is secretly considering a Hill School annexation (response: the proposal was presented at council meetings starting in 2020); that the mayor used executive privilege to hide emails and text messages with developers (response: the town followed Freedom of Information Act requirements); that Homewood Farm is seeking to annex 212 acres (response: the proposal calls for 22 acres to be annexed and 160 acres to be placed under easement); and that the Planning Commission should perform the review of the annexation applications (response: the commission does not have a statutory role in annexations).

The complete statement is posted at middleburgva.gov/blafacts.

One thought on “Middleburg Council Issues Statement on Annexation ‘Disinformation’

  • 2022-08-31 at 9:40 pm

    This dispute is unfortunate. Life’s too short to be at each other’s throats. Still, the residents have fair questions. Why is Mr. Bataoel having trouble getting emails & texts released by Middleburg? Are town officials acting too high & mighty? Should residents be grateful for any scrap of information they get? I admit I’m partial. But I tend to side with the residents on this one. I love the country feel of Middleburg & want it preserved.

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