Creighton Farms Invitational to Raise Funds Toward PKU Cure with Jack Nicklaus

Golfing great Jack Nicklaus will take part in the 10th annual Creighton Farms Invitational Golf Tournament on Aug. 22. The event raises money the Nicklaus Children’s Health Care Foundation and the National PKU Alliance.

Meanwhile, a family of Creighton Farms members are living the challenges of PKU first-hand.

Both organizations contribute to finding a cure for phenylketonuria or PKU, a rare and serious genetic condition that can result in major health problems including brain damage and damage to the central nervous system. Babies in the U.S. are tested for PKU soon after birth.

For the rest of their lives people with PKU must follow a strict diet that limits phenylalanine, which is common in food.

Jill and Jerry Elkins and their family are members at Creighton Farms. When their twins Hudson and Charleston were born eight-and-a-half years ago, Hudson was diagnosed with PKU. 

“Hudson has to eat mostly medical food to ensure he doesn’t consume more protein than his body can process,” Jill Elkins said.  “Right now, a quarter of an egg or two slices of normal bread is more protein than his body can process in day.”

Hudson can also have a few fruits and vegetables, and everything is weighed and carefully measured.

“Eighty percent of Hudson’s nutrition is a medical beverage,” Elkins said.

“If he were to eat the wrong thing, irreversible brain damage could occur,” she added.

Hudson also has to undergo monthly blood tests to ensure his blood measurements are not too high in protein. But Evans remains optimistic a cure can be found. 

“There are a lot of possible treatments and cures on the horizon,” she said. “I just want to expedite them and funds from the Creighton Farms Invitational golf tournament will help to get to a cure quicker. I want Hudson to have a cure in his lifetime.”

The Creighton Farms Invitational was created in 2012 by Southworth Development LLC, the company that owns and operates Creighton Farms, a community featuring a Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course. Southworth president Tommy Southworth said the event has raised $7 million for children’s healthcare initiatives in that time.

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One thought on “Creighton Farms Invitational to Raise Funds Toward PKU Cure with Jack Nicklaus

  • 2022-08-18 at 1:25 pm

    I’ve admired Jack Nicklaus since I was a young boy. How nice he’s participating once again in this worthwhile endeavor. I’m so grateful he’s raising awareness of phenylketonuria — a very challenging affliction. Here’s hoping for a successful golf tournament on Aug. 22. Happy Birth Control Day Loudoun!

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