Planning Commission Rivana Vote Expected in September

The Loudoun County Planning Commission is expected to make a recommendation on Rivana at Innovation Station, a massive new Metrorail-adjacent development on Loudoun’s eastern border, in September.

Originally the project’s developers had hoped to break ground early this year, but now hope to clear the county’s legislative approval process by the end of the year.

County planners continue to identify some concerns with the proposal—for example, the developer’s proposal to restore part of a stream would involve tearing up much of an existing mature forest. County staff members reported those impacts do not seem to mitigate or improve on the existing conditions. They also say the developer should commit to more transportation improvements.

The proposed 79-acre mixed-use development would include up to 2,719 apartments and condos for rent and almost 3.3 million square feet of nonresidential development. The developer is offering up to 218 units of price-controlled housing.

Despite the project’s scale it has so far moved through the county approvals relatively quietly.

The Planning Commission held a hearing on the project April 26, with three speakers from the public. According to a county staff report one addressed land use and school capacity, and two spoke in support. Commissioners discussed student generation rates, affordable housing commitments, residential unit size, the floodplain, the capital facilities credit requests, the parks, and transportation phasing.

The developers have not held any community meetings, and no comments have been submitted online.

After the Planning Commission makes a recommendation, the developer’s applications will move to the Board of Supervisors, including another public hearing.

2 thoughts on “Planning Commission Rivana Vote Expected in September

  • 2022-08-16 at 11:42 am

    I hope Rivana is scrutinized with a fine-tooth comb. I’m not necessarily against the project. But any damage it does to the environment must be kept to a bare minimum. Also, it’s nice the developers promise to set aside up to 218 units of price-controlled housing. But what will be the starting price? If it’s out of the reach of most folks, that’s not very comforting. On a brighter note, Happy Roller Coaster Day Loudoun!

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