NOVA Parks Sets 5-Year Priorities

NOVA Parks this week released its 2023-2027 Strategic Plan, which provides goals and objectives to help guide improvements, operations, conservation, and services of the regional authority over the next five years.

“NOVA Parks was founded as our region’s first conservation organization sixty-three years ago with a mission to create truly exceptional places open to all people,” said NOVA Parks Board Chairwoman Cate Magennis Wyatt. “This plan exemplifies this vision with a focus on environmental excellence and a desire to be open and welcoming to everyone in our community.”

The authority’s priorities are to increase parkland, enhance park amenities, offer new services, serve more community members, create a sense of belonging, offset carbon, conserve energy, become a national brand, attract and retain top-quality employees, and further develop the systems to support and grow this dynamic agency. 

Highlights of the program include plans to plant more than 50,000 trees creating new areas of forest, investing $6 million to create or improve trails, build a W&OD visitor center, create a wetland park for environmental education and sustainability, and invest in electric vehicles and mowers. NOVA Parks also plans other steps to lower their carbon footprint, add five new parkland properties, add parkland to better sequester carbon, expand cultural events and festivals, and lead an effort to commemorate the Declaration of Independence with interpretive efforts focused on liberty, justice, and freedom.

There are also plans for expanded partnerships with community groups, growing entrepreneurial revenues to support park improvements, and creating a team and programs that are reflective of a changing and diverse community.

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3 thoughts on “NOVA Parks Sets 5-Year Priorities

  • 2022-08-10 at 2:28 pm

    Not a single mention of any sort of cost reduction or even containment.
    Just more spending.

    Does anyone in government ever give even a moment of consideration for the taxpayers who have to fund these grandoise plans

  • 2022-08-11 at 12:13 pm

    I use the WO&D Trail regularly. Why does it need a visitor center? In over 40 years of using the trail I have never thought, “Gee, they need a visitor center” for this 100 foot wide, 45 mile long trail.

    I am all in favor of parks but “amenities” ought to address an actual need. But bureaucrats inevitably become separated from reality and all too often engage in empire building and mindless spending.

  • 2022-08-11 at 12:39 pm

    For NoVA to remain a destination for private investment, amenities such as parks are needed. This will cost money but ROI will be through the roof!

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