NVTA Seeks Long-Term Transportation Plan Comments

The Northern Virginia Transportation Authority on Aug. 1 opened comments on the region’s long-range transportation plan, TransAction, with goals to enhance mobility, increase accessibility and improve resiliency by planning for an equitable, sustainable and safe multimodal transportation network.

The drafts TransAction Plan, which is updated every five years, addresses regional transportation plans through 2045, during which time Northern Virginia’s population is expected to grow by 23%.

TransAction encompasses 429 possible transportation projects totaling more than $75 billion in estimated cost.

The proposed plan includes a regional bus rapid transit network, vehicle electrification, and programs to encourage alternate modes of transportation, among other projects. The plan also recognizes that commuters in Northern Virginia regularly travel across jurisdictional boundaries to reach destinations in Maryland and DC.

The public comment period lasts through midnight on Sunday, Sept. 18, with a public hearing on Thursday, Sept. 8 at 7 p.m. The public hearing will be available remotely via Zoom, or at the NVTA offices at 3040 Williams Drive, Suite 200, Fairfax. The public must sign up in advance to participate at forms.gle/sgp33RyRcGtTxFRn7 or by calling 703-642-4652. Pre-registration is due by Sept. 6 at 5 p.m.

The plan materials are available for public comment at nvtatransaction.org/participate. To view materials in person, contact the Authority at 703-642-4652 to set up an appointment.

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