Middleburg Ordinance Changes Aim to Discourage Redevelopment

The Middleburg Town Council on Thursday unanimously adopted Zoning Ordinance changes that limit the scale of construction permitted on residential lots in its R-2 district.

The action follows a year of study by the Planning Commission as residents sought to discourage investors from redeveloping the town’s suburban neighborhoods by razing homes and building larger structures. The concerns were prompted by a construction project in the town’s Ridgeway neighborhood.

Under the changes, building lot coverage, in addition to being limited to 30%, is now capped at 3,750 square feet in total.

The changes also create limits on the amount of impervious surfaces—including buildings, paved driveways, and pools—permitted on a lot. That is capped at 45 percent and no more than 5,625 square feet.

During the Town Council’s July 28 public hearing, one resident warned the changes would devalue properties and unfairly limit residents’ use of their property, and another said preventing the construction of large homes that are out of scale with others in the neighborhood was an important step for the council to take.

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