Salamander Begins Resort Home Construction in Middleburg

Shelia Johnson’s 15-year vision of transforming 340 acres on the northern edge of Middleburg into a top hospitality destination entered a new phase Tuesday with the celebratory groundbreaking for the Residences at Salamander.

The project, under development by South Street Partners, will add 49 luxury homes to the town, allowing families to join in the experience already enjoyed by visitors to the resort. 

“My vision, I can’t say enough about it, is finally coming to fruition. It was not just to build the resort to become an economic engine for the Town of Middleburg, but also to expand our lifestyle brand of Salamander,” Johnson said.

“This is the perfect setting. We have everything here. We’ve got the most wonderful town in walking distance. We’ve got restaurants in the town. We’ve got retail. And then you come back up here. We’ve got great restaurants up here and we have every activity in the world. I think once this residential is completed we’ll have our new owners coming up here and really enjoying what we have to offer,” she said.

Salamander Hotels & Resorts President Prem Devadas said the focus with this project will be on families.

“We are creating a Salamander vacation rental experience that will allow our guest to experience the resort in different ways. It will be the same five-star expectation, the same five-star experience but more geared toward families. I think that is something that is going to be great not just for the resort, but also for the town,” he said.

Construction already is underway, both on the neighborhood’s new streets and infrastructure and the first homes. South Street Partner Chris Randolph said five homes have been sold with another four awaiting closing. Buildout is expected to take two to three years to complete.

2 thoughts on “Salamander Begins Resort Home Construction in Middleburg

  • 2022-07-20 at 12:03 pm

    I would love to own a home at the Residences of Salamander. But I know that will never happen. I don’t have the funds. Still, it’s fun to dream. Isn’t life all about reaching the unreachable star! Happy Lollipop Day Loudoun!

  • 2022-07-20 at 3:15 pm

    Love the Salamander Resort. 5-star facility with 5-star customer service and amenities. A bit high on the cost, but I guess the trade-off is so that Middleburg doesn’t get completely overrun with riff-raff. So I appreciate that. It’s definitely nice to have such a luxury establishment in the county to go to for special events. Their breakfast with santa is always top notch, and this past year, we did their sleigh ride to santa’s workshop with smores afterward, that our boys loved!

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