Sterling Company Awarded for Employee Vanpool Program

Environmental Enhancements in Sterling has received a 2022 Employer Recognition Award from the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments’ Commuter Connections program.

The innovation award recognized the company’s vanpool program that encourages employees to switch from single-passenger vehicles as their main mode of commuting thereby reducing the company’s carbon footprint and decreasing workers’ commuting costs. 

“Our vanpool program offers cost-savings for our employees and reduces cars on the road, both of which align with our core value of sustainability for people and the planet,” President and owner Fred Peratt said.

Environmental Enhancements offers a full range of landscaping services to commercial and campus property managers, data centers, medical facilities, retail centers, and homeowner associations. Services provide visually pleasing, functional landscapes along with high-quality maintenance. 

The landscape company began a vanpool program in 2017 to improve the reliability of employee transportation to customer worksites. This was in response to recurring personal car maintenance issues experienced by employees, in addition to a lack of access to transportation for some. Beyond the unreliability of getting to the worksite to earn a living, vehicle maintenance expenses were a significant cost burden on employees.

The company has seen a dramatic reduction in employee absenteeism and an increase in punctuality and dependability at the worksites. 

The company pays fuel, tolls, and maintenance expenses for the two vans, and employees can be picked up at home if needed. About one-third of company’s 38 employees participate.

One thought on “Sterling Company Awarded for Employee Vanpool Program

  • 2022-07-13 at 4:03 pm

    I’m so glad Environmental Enhancements has a vanpool program. Vanpooling is better than carpooling because vans hold more folks than cars. Anything that gets cars off the road — I’m all for. Let’s hear it for Environmental Enhancements! Happy Bastille Day Loudoun!

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