Round Hill Weighs Expansion of Downtown Business Zone

As construction crews work to transform the downtown streetscape, the Round Hill Town Council is exploring the merits of expanding the town’s Main Street commercial district. 

The discussion was prompted by a request to establish a doctor’s office in a recently sold home just north of the area where the Town Plan currently designates for commercial operations.

In directing the Planning Commission to review the issue and make recommendations, the council identified 10 properties for consideration, possibly expanding the zone north to end at the former church building along High Street. 

Expanding the commercial zone in the Town Plan wouldn’t automatically open the properties for businesses. Landowners seeking commercial uses would have to file for rezoning, a process that includes public hearings and allows the town to place conditions on the operations. 

The council approved the review on a 4-1 vote. Vice Mayor Mary Anne Graham voted against the project because she wanted only properties on the west side of Main Street to be considered for business uses.

The map shows, in red, the Main Street properties the Round Hill Town Council is considering for commercial use.

One thought on “Round Hill Weighs Expansion of Downtown Business Zone

  • 2022-07-08 at 6:25 pm

    Round Hill is a lovely town, situated near the Blue Ridge mountains. I guess we can’t keep it like Petticoat Junction forever. Time marches on. So with heavy heart, I would support expanding its business district. But please don’t let it get carried away. Happy Picnic Month Loudoun!

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