Once Forgotten Hillsboro Gravesites Memorialized

Members of the Hillsboro United Methodist Church last week held a dedication and memorial service to honor 75 people in unmarked graves at the Arnold Grove East Cemetery.  

Established in 1847, the cemetery includes the remains of freed and enslaved Black people, residents of mixed race, Native Americans and Europeans.

The Arnold Grove Methodist Church was constructed in 1835 by abolitionists led by the Reverend William D. Wicks. The Black community was invited to worship in the church and to bury their dead in the East Cemetery. The graves were discovered in October 2017, and their locations were first identified in June 2018 by ground penetrating radar by a geologic consultant.

An 85-foot-long memorial wall, constructed with stone from the same source as the stone of the original church, borders the site. Although the actual placement of the individuals is not known, each plot is marked with a commemorative stone engraved with a cross and the initials “A  G” for Arnold Grove.

The church is located at 37216 Charles Town Pike, at the eastern edge of Hillsboro.

Grave markers near Hillsboro United Methodist Church mark a once-forgotten cemetery.

One thought on “Once Forgotten Hillsboro Gravesites Memorialized

  • 2022-07-06 at 11:54 am

    The dignified ceremony to honor the dead at Arnold Grove East Cemetery was long overdue. But all I can say is, Better Late Than Never. RIP

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