Supervisors Approve Rt. 9 Safety Recommendations

County supervisors have unanimously approved plans for safety and traffic improvements on Route 9, although those plans will still need to be funded in the county’s Capital Improvement Program.

Supervisors did dedicate $463,808 to a new study for roads connecting Rt. 9 to Rt. 7, where some traffic increase is expected as Rt. 9 itself is improved to accommodate traffic from northwestern Loudoun and West Virginia toward Rt. 7. Those include Woodgrove Road, Cider Mill Road and Stony Point Road.

That joins larger planned studies of Rt. 7 from Rt. 690 to Clarke County, and Rt. 50. After those will come a study of Rt. 287.

Rt. 9 is a two-lane road with turn lanes at some—but not all—intersections The 2019 Countywide Transportation Plan plans for the road to remain a rural, undivided, two-lane scenic byway with a shared-use path along one side. However it is also a major means of access to Rt. 7 from West Virginia and northwestern Loudoun, and the Virginia Department of Transportation counted average daily traffic near Rt. 7 at 21,000 vehicles a day. That contributes to long backups.

The planned improvements on Rt. 9 are based on a safety and operational study and public feedback.

Short-term road improvements recommended for Rt. 9 include warning signs, flashing beacons, vegetation clearing, chevrons, rumble strips, yield markings and improved signage around the intersections with Clarkes Gap Road, Hamilton Station Road, Harpers Ferry Road, and by the Sweet Springs Country Store and the curve in the road east of Sagle Road.

Somewhat longer-term projects include improving turn lanes at Sweet Springs Country Store, Cider Mill Road and Purcellville Road and adding law enforcement pull-off areas along the corridor.

And larger, long-term projects include, in priority order, roundabouts at Harpers Ferry Road, Cider Mill Road and Clarkes Gap Road; widening on short sections of the road from Clarkes Gap Road to Simpson Circle South; turn lanes at Beacon Hill Road; and a roundabout at Hamilton Station Road and an eastbound turn lane at Old Wheatland Road.

For more information about the Route 9 Safety and Operational Study, visit

One thought on “Supervisors Approve Rt. 9 Safety Recommendations

  • 2022-07-05 at 3:57 pm

    I’m glad supervisors are paying attention to roadway safety. Too much carnage has taken place on their watch. But please remember: The answer isn’t to create bigger roadways that attract more cars. We should be moving in the opposite direction. As Joni Mitchell warned, Don’t pave paradise & put up a parking lot. Happy Bikini Day Loudoun!

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