Dulles Greenway Eagle Cam Shut Off for the Summer

The livestreaming eagle cam t the Dulles Greenway Wetlands has been shut down for the season, with plans to improve its setup by early October to prepare for the mated pair of bald eagles to begin their annual nesting.

According to the Dulles Greenway those include re-positioning the cameras over the eagles’ nest and installing additional solar panels to power the two live-stream cameras.

Last September, the Dulles Greenway partnered with the American Eagle Foundation, the Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy, and HDOnTap to install the two live-stream cameras above the eagles’ nest.

In January, the Dulles Greenway hosted an eagle naming contest for the two adult eagles with Loudoun County Public Schools. A student from Sterling Middle School submitted the winning names of Rosa and Martin, in honor of civil rights leaders Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. The Dulles Greenway delivered bracelets imprinted with the eagles’ names to all students and staff at Sterling Middle School. 

Then last month, that was followed up with a naming contest for their eaglet. More than 1,400 eagle camera watchers from around the country voted for the winning name, Orion.

And on June 3, Orion left the nest for the first time and returned a day later. He is expected to leave the nest for good this summer.

A team of 14 volunteers dedicated more than 1,000 hours of support over the past seven months, organized and managed by the Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy. The American Eagle Foundation provided educational materials that guided and informed the team’s chat moderation.

“It has been a joy to bring the awe and wonder of nature into people’s homes through this eagle cam, and we cannot thank our volunteers enough for their tireless work to monitor the cam and engage with the public,” Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy Executive Director Michael Myers stated. “We look forward to continuing this partnership that deepens everyone’s knowledge and appreciation of bald eagles.” 

Dulles Greenway spokesman Terry Hoffman thanked their partners.

“Since September, eagle lovers from around the country have tuned in to watch our resident pair of mated bald eagles, Rosa and Martin, build their nest, lay eggs, and then watch the first eaglet hatch and grow,” Hoffman stated. “Our wonderful group of eagle camera volunteers have been with us every step of the way. Their infinite knowledge and dedication to the eagles has helped grow our mission of raising awareness for the protection of American bald eagles and their natural habitats.” 

Eagle watchers can still watch clips of the Dulles Greenway eagles by visiting the dedicated YouTube page. You can also donate to the Dulles Greenway eagle camera by visiting https://loudounwildlife.org/education/eagle-cam/.

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  • 2022-07-01 at 11:27 am

    Bald eagles are magnificent creatures. Loudoun is so lucky to have Rosa, Martin & Orion. They’re a glorious addition to this wondrous county. I hope everyone counts their blessings. Welcome to July Loudoun!

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