Letter: Lissa Savaglio, Loudoun County Democratic Committee

Editor: Scott Pio, Chairman of the Loudoun County Republican Committee, is either ignorant about how state and local government work, or just a liar. Either way, based on his recent letter to the editor, he’s willfully misleading the public.

For several months and on various platforms, Chairman Pio has launched an ongoing attack on the Board of Supervisors Chair-at-Large Phyllis Randall. His issue? He falsely asserts she closed the Loudoun County Public Schools and local businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. The problem? That’s simply not true.

Let’s review the facts:

Fact: Virginia Code Section 22.1-79 gives local school boards complete operational control and power over local school districts. Not only did Chair Randall not close the schools, by Virginia law, she literally does not have the power to do so. 

Fact: The decision to close LCPS was made by former Superintendent Eric Williams, presumably with the consent of his nine employers, the Loudoun School Board. 

Fact: Two School Board members–John Beaty, Catoctin District and Jeff Morse, Dulles District–did not publicly oppose Dr. William’s decision, and in fact expressed support.

Fact: In October of 2020, Chair Randall wrote to her School Board colleagues urging them to open schools as soon as possible as long as all CDC and VDH guidelines were strictly followed. Her primary concerns were the mental health toll school closures could have on some students and the safety of students who were previously identified as facing a possible safety threat at home.

Fact: Chair Randall arranged a call with Virginia’s former Secretary of Education Atif Qarni and a group of Loudoun County parents so the parents could express their concerns about the school closings directly to the Secretary. 

Fact: Chair Randall spoke several times from the dais regarding the negative mental health impacts school closures could have on students.

Fact: Neither a Chair-at-Large nor the Board of Supervisors has the authority to close businesses and cannot call for a State of Emergency. That power lies solely with the Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Fact: Starting in March and April of 2020, former Governor Ralph Northam issued a series of statewide Executive Orders. Order numbers 53 and 55 called for all “non-essential businesses” to remain closed.

This is not the first time Chairman Pio has demonstrated his apparent ignorance about important Loudoun County issues. However, going forward, if he chooses to remain ignorant of the facts and continues to broadcast his ignorance on social media and other platforms, that is his choice and his shame. If he is allowed by his Party to continue the baseless, provable lies and attacks on Chair Randall, that is the shame of the Loudoun County Republican Committee who voted for him to lead them through 2024.

Again, there are only two possible choices here: Chairman Pio is either willfully ignorant or just a liar. This is the person the Republican Party in Loudoun has chosen to lead them.

Lissa Savaglio, Chairperson

Loudoun County Democratic Committee

11 thoughts on “Letter: Lissa Savaglio, Loudoun County Democratic Committee

  • 2022-06-30 at 4:04 pm

    I very much appreciate this essay written by Lissa Savaglio. It provides a more balanced view of Loudoun’s response to the health crisis. I read somewhere that Scott Pio is a “third stringer.” I have to agree. He’s really out of his league — making wild, baseless accusations in the newspaper. Mr. Pio has a lot of growing up to do. On a brighter note, Happy Fourth of July Loudoun!

  • 2022-06-30 at 5:14 pm

    My choice is easy. I will not vote for a single incumbent regardless of the letter after their name. That applies to the local state and federal levels. We the people are losing the battle. I truly believe tge #1 thing Virginia gets right is the 1 consecutive term for governor. I wish 1 or 2 terms was the standard for every political office. Then we wouldn’t have the likes of Mitch and Nancy to deal with.

  • 2022-06-30 at 5:32 pm

    Straw man much? There are 430,000 people in Loudoun of which about 300 are members of the Loudoun County Republican Committee not a resounding number if you look at election totals. Very few races were decided by 300 votes! You do remember that Randall was more than willing to support Blackface and his executive orders when they worked to her advantage this after she called for Northam’s resignation. If you want to call him ignorant or a liar, I will not disagree, but he missed an opportunity to tout the sane decisions by the Supreme Court at the monthly LCRC meeting showing us all that he in out of touch with normal behavior.

  • 2022-07-02 at 3:42 pm

    Zero Republican Elected (and former elected) Officials in Loudoun and Zero members of the 2020-2022 LCRC Executive Committee supported Pio for LCRC Chairman in the March election. There’s a reason for that.

  • 2022-07-02 at 3:44 pm

    Correction…one member of the Executive Committee supported him. Loudoun Republicans can thank her for the daily embarrassments.

    • 2022-07-04 at 10:49 am

      Who on the executive committee supported Pio? Without names your claim is not valid!

  • 2022-07-03 at 8:55 am

    FACTS are inconvenient things aren’t they Mr. Pio?? Great summarty of the FACTS-thanks Lissa!!

  • 2022-07-16 at 11:55 am

    Pio is not a candidate,
    Lisa slants her reports,
    Tony kisses you know what and
    Phyliss will lose with or without Pio in the picture!

  • 2022-07-22 at 6:34 am

    Pio is wrong for the LCRC.
    He sends a digested piece of baloney out today as a fundraiser:
    “The Loudoun County Republican Committee is stepping up and FIGHTING BACK against this progressive indoctrination, but first, we need YOUR HELP.
    Last year, Loudoun County Republicans only raised $16,000.
    Now that Loudoun is Ground Zero in this fight, the radical progressives are going to flood our elections with money from outside the county and commonwealth.
    Simply put, $16,000 doesn’t even come close to what we need to WIN this war.
    That’s why our FIRST FUNDRAISING GOAL is to raise $16,000 in July alone”
    His numbers are incorrect as is his usual effort
    Below are line items from 2021 LCRC ending balance,
    19. Ending Balance [Subtract Line 18b from Line 17e] $8,159.43 20.
    Total Unpaid Debts [from Schedule F of this report] $0.00
    Committee’s Receipts and Disbursements – Election Cycle
    21. Balance at Start of Election Cycle $4,607.62
    22. Previous Receipts [Line 24 from last report] $27,301.87
    23. Receipts from Current Reporting Previous [Line 17d above] $2,850.00
    24. Total Receipts this Election Cycle [Add lines 22 and 23] $30,151.87 25. Total Funds Available [Add lines 21 and $34,759.49
    $34,759.49, I guess if he would have been a member before March 19th, he would have known this. His 16,000.00-dollar number is conjured up out of thin air or the space between his ears if he bothered to look at the accounting spreadsheets that are public domain or is he a liar I suspect the latter, bs I know he is.
    FYI, we raised more money last year from the Jamboree!
    This person gets into it with Geary much like the Patriot pub dunderheads and I am sure apologizes once again. Think about it, that is more than one apology per month, Roland Martin, Dress Code, Sample Ballot, Private Party, Geary, throw on top of that padded numbers with democrats on base camp see Brian Peter Allman.
    Ask yourself how many committee chairs have left, is Mosby gone yet?
    The LCRC made the largest vote shift in Loudoun history during the Youngkin election in 2021 and won the Best of Virginia award from the Bigley Wigley’s in Richmond, do not look for a repeat in 2022.
    Is that another apology I hear?
    Jonathan Erickson

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