Artist Creates Card for Peace, Ukraine Support

By Olivia Ausnehmer

Loudoun County resident Sabina Puppo pushes for “Peace in Our Time” with her fundraiser intended to support and protect displaced Ukrainian refugees who are experiencing hardships. 

The artist said her Peace in Our Time greeting cards are a concept to spread love, joy, and tranquility. The 5×7 cards feature nine original oil paintings created by Puppo—all telling stories relating to a dreamscape, or an earthly paradise, with a goal of spreading positivity during hard times. 

The paintings have themes of sharing, protection, gifts and the joy of being outside in nature. 

“Being in nature resonated with me which is why I chose these specific paintings for the greeting cards,” Puppo said.

One of the paintings used on the greeting cards titled “Uphill Run,” shows a couple running outside with their dog. “We can go out and run. People in Ukraine cannot; they have a bombarded land. 

Sabina Puppo paints in her Leesburg studio. Photo By Olivia Ausnehmer

Puppo describes the idea behind the “Peace in Our Time” slogan as a “sincere wish for peace and for calm.” The hope for an outcome of peace across the world, especially in Ukraine, is what brought this fundraiser to light. 

“I wanted people to be equipped with a tool to reach out to other people,” Puppo said. “It’s nine messages of joy, appreciation and gratitude which gives you a tangible opportunity to reach out.”

These cards are meant to spread kindness towards family members, friends and anyone of your choosing who may need some words of encouragement, affection, or gratitude. You can write a message on the inside of the greeting card, and then mail the card out to someone in need. 

“Be the calmness and tranquility you want to see in the world, and for me, this fundraiser is a way of doing that,” Puppo said. “Someone in Ukraine will be thankful.”

Sabina Puppo’s “Frist Snow”

All of the profits from the sale of the cards will go to the UN Refugee Agency to be dispersed to Ukrainian refugees. “I’m giving money to a place where I know it will get to where it needs to go,” Puppo said.

A single greeting card is $7, a set of three cards is $20, and a pack of nine cards is $50. They are available at the Very Virginia Shop in downtown Leesburg, or online at

For more information, go to

[Olivia Ausnehmer studies broadcast journalism and political science at Penn State University and is a summer intern with Loudoun Now.] 

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  • 2022-06-03 at 11:06 am

    I hope everyone buys Sabina Puppo’s greeting cards. The proceeds go for a good cause. Anything that can be done to keep Ukraine front & center — I’m all for. That beleaguered country has been pillaged by invaders throughout history. The invasion by Russia is the latest outrage. Long Live Ukraine!

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