Purcellville Celebrates Groundbreaking for Adam’s Bike Park

Members of the Purcellville community gathered on a grass lot at the base of the town’s Maple Avenue water tower Wednesday evening to celebrate the groundbreaking for a new bike park, and celebrate the birthday of its namesake Adam Caudill.

The project is spearheaded by Adam’s mother, Michelle, as a memorial to her son who died in January 2021 at age 15 from an accident at home.

Adam’s Bike Park is being constructed through $75,000 in donations and grants secured by the Caudill family and part of the town’s federal American Recovery Plan Act funding.

Mayor Kwasi Fraser credited Caudill with pushing the project through quickly from when the idea was first broached last August and winning unanimous Town Council support.

“Michelle, you have been instrumental in enabling all of us to row in the same direction. You woke up this town and you also empowered us. And that is why we are in this beautiful place in honor of Adam,” Fraser said.

“We are honored to help you realize this vision. This park will be an amazing legacy for your son and this park will also be a legacy for future generations,” he said. “… I hope when you see the smiles of the families and children from Purcellville and other towns as they enjoy this park you will feel Adam’s love shining on them. … Through your unimaginable loss and sacrifice you have given others an amazing gift that we will all treasure for years and generations to come.”

Caudill said a local bike park is something Adam always wanted.

“Adam’s true passion was riding his Trek mountain bike through the streets of Purcellville in search of the perfect spots for his brother, Zach, and his best friends, Charlie and Gabe, to goof off on their bikes and show off some of their skills. Adam always wished there was a bike park someplace closer to home,” she said. “In memory of Adam, we are making his dreams come true—it’s happening, it’s really happening.”

She wants the park to be a place where neighborhoods can gather and new friendships will form. “I hope these kids will enjoy spending time with their families and their peers at the bike park.”

The park will include natural hills and trails and manufactured ramps designed for kids of all ages. It also will have paved path connecting to the W&OD Trail. Caudill said her hope had been to have to park open by Adam’s 17th birthday, June 1, but now is willing to wait and take more time to get the details right. 

“It will be done when it is perfect, nothing less than perfect. It will be well worth it. I promise you and I promise Adam,” she said.

“All we want is for the world to always remember Adam. We want his story to be told and his memory to live through Adam’s Bike Park. This is Adam’s legacy. Devastation has been a dark cloud following all our family and friends for the past year, but this bike park has given us all some hope,” she said. “The pain of Adam’s absence is vast, but the park has given us renewed purpose to honor our Adam.”

Also during the ceremony, Caudill presented three donated bicycles to children from Purcellville, a gift she hopes to make annually on Adam’s birthday.

Those attending the ceremony joined in singing Happy Birthday to Adam and wrote messages on a banner that will be displayed at the park. 

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  • 2022-06-02 at 5:05 pm

    What a lovely ceremony. (I’m so glad the weather cooperated.) Michelle Caudill is such an inspiration. It gives me solace to think Adam was looking down, smiling. I pray that many, many children & adults will enjoy Adam’s Bike Park for years to come. Long Live Adam’s Legacy!

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