Independence High School Evacuated for Suspicious Device

The Sheriff’s Office is investigating a suspicious device found at Independence High School that left burn marks on the sidewalk. They found it was used for an unapproved science project.

The incident that caused the burn marks occurred on Saturday. Investigators have identified students involved.

The Loudoun County Bomb Squad and Fire Marshal’s Office responded to the school this morning. The building was evacuated for approximately 30 minutes until the device was rendered safe.

The incident is under a joint investigation by the Fire Marshal’s Office and the Sherriff’s Office, in coordination with the school division.

One thought on “Independence High School Evacuated for Suspicious Device

  • 2022-05-23 at 2:00 pm

    My goodness. Doesn’t LCPS have enough problems? I hope authorities get to the bottom of this. It’s appalling that students should be evacuated for such nonsense. The culprits must be disciplined so something like this never happens again. Happy Lucky Penny Day Loudoun!

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