Leesburg Council Eyes QR Code Addition to Notice Signs

While doing an update of the rules governing the design of public notice signs required to be displayed on properties undergoing land use reviews, the Town Council is looking to add technological upgrade as well.

The placards typically include the application number, a brief description of the changes requested, and the date, time and location of an upcoming public hearing, among other verbiage. The Planning Commission raised concerns that the signs were too convoluted, virtually illegible to passing motorists. They suggested a simplified version, with just the case number, hearing date and address, on a bright yellow sign with a number to call the town planning and zoning office.

Councilwoman Kari Nacy suggested adding a QR codes, as well. That would allow passersby to take a photo of it with their smartphone and be immediately linked to the case file in the town archives. 

Although Mayor Kelly Burk questioned the value of such a feature and worried that about traffic safety if motorists try to snap a shot, a council majority backed the plan.

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