Hillsboro Foundation to Recognize Legacy Farms

The Hillsboro Preservation Foundation has launched of a Legacy Farm Marker program to give special recognition the old farms in the area, and to honor the families who have owned and maintained them. The program also will recognize area landowners who have conserved farmland.  

“We look forward to working with farm owners and exploring with them how best to create and install a number of these markers in the coming years that will stand for decades into the future to commemorate the land and the people who have preserved the rural heritage and history in western Loudoun,” stated Foundation President Amy Marasco.

The nonprofit’s initiative is supported by the Loudoun County Rural Economic Development Council. “This program is critical because it is recognizing the ongoing efforts to keep the valuable Loudoun County economic asset—productive agriculture—alive and thriving in the 21st century,” Council Chairwoman Kelly Foltman said.

Hillsboro Preservation Foundation Vice President Ben Lenhart, who lives on an old farm near Hillsboro and advocates farmland preservation and conservation easements, was credited with coming up with the program. 

“It is important that families who, in some instances have been farming the land since before the founding of America, are recognized by the greater community for their steadfast contributions to keeping a sustainable and strong rural economy. Likewise, we seek to recognize those who have acquired legacy farmland to keep in agricultural production and to put their lands in permanent conservation easements,” he said.

The foundation plans to reach out to program candidates in the coming months, with the intent to announce the first recipients this fall. 

Learn more at hillsboropreservation.org.

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