Round Hill Council Initiates Annexation

After years of discussions, the Round Hill Town Council this week formally initiated the first of what could be a series of annexation requests. 

Under the resolution adopted April 20, the town would work with the Board of Supervisors to complete a boundary line adjustment that would incorporate three county-owned properties, two town-owned properties, a VDOT lot and the Hill High Market complex, among other properties.

A policy vision of the town’s 2017 Comprehensive Plan laid the groundwork for expanding the town to include other neighborhoods served by its utility system. The council has been discussing the possibility of accomplishing that in phases.

The first phase that was the subject of Wednesday night’s vote would target mostly publicly owned tracts. The Western Loudoun Sheriff’s Office Station, the planned site of the Round Hill Fire and Rescue Station and the former Round Hill Elementary School properties would be brought into town, along with a lot on Simpsons Creek Lane used by VDOT to fill salt trucks during winter storms. The council also directed that the town’s Niels Poulsen Park and an adjacent undeveloped 3-acre town-owned civic lot on the north side of town also be included. Other property owners in those areas were given the option to join in the annexation, with the Hill High Marketplace being the largest private parcel to opt in.

The resolution was approved on a 4-0-1 vote. Councilman Michael Hummel, who owns an open space parcel that would be included in the annexation, abstained

The next step is to secure formal letters of support from the affected property owners and send the proposal to the county government staff for review. Then the Board of Supervisors and Town Council will how public hearings before sending the request to the Circuit Court for final action.

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