Purcellville Bike Park Moves Toward Construction

With a series of unanimous Town Council votes this week, funding appears to be in place to build a bike park in Purcellville.

First proposed in December by Michelle Caudill as a memorial to her 15-year-old son, Adam’s Bike Park will be constructed next to the town’s Maple Avenue water tower along the W&OD Trail and just across the street from Loudoun Valley High School.

Town Manager David Mekarski said the first phase of the park could be open by June 1—a goal Caudill set to celebrate Adam’s birthday.

During its April 12 meeting, the council approved motions that will allow the town staff to begin site work on the property and order the park equipment, which will be paid for by community donations raised by the Caudill family and a $50,000 grant expected from the Saris Foundation.

The council formally added the park to its Capital Improvement Program and authorized the staff to execute contracts for the project. It also voted to shuffle its previous allocation of funding received through the federal American Recovery Plan Act to cover just over $60,000 of the $132,000 project needed for site work and the design and construction of a path linking to the W&OD Trail.

The actions put to rest two questions that had surfaced around the project—whether project advocates be required to reimburse the town’s cost and whether additional fundraising would be required to close a funding gap. Neither will be required. 

Caudill said she’ll continue to raise money to add amenities to the park even after the initial phase is up and running. “This is Adam’s legacy,” she said of her commitment. 

2 thoughts on “Purcellville Bike Park Moves Toward Construction

  • 2022-04-15 at 5:23 pm

    Such a wonderful gesture in honor of Adam Caudill. It was a long voyage for his mother, Michelle. At last, I see light at the end of the tunnel. With any luck, folks of all ages will be enjoying Adam’s Bike Park by June 1. Happy Easter Loudoun!

  • 2022-04-18 at 6:24 pm

    It may be legal but this is really a
    unethical abuse of the American Recovery Plan Act. Why not put the $60K towards benefits for under privileged folks or businesses that have been affected by the pandemic.

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