Letter: Zach Cummings, Leesburg

Editor:  As a member of the Leesburg Town Council, I’m very proud of the vast opportunities available for our citizens and businesses. Leesburg—and the larger Loudoun County—have become a hub for technology and tech start-ups, in addition to the tourism business added by so many local wineries, breweries and restaurants. 

As a Realtor and small businessman, I know more and more people are looking to locate to our town and surrounding county and more and more housing opportunities have become available at all price points.

Many businesses we work with and promote, rely solely on Google and Facebook to help bring them new customers at lower rates than traditional marketing campaigns.

We have been fortunate to attract large data centers and other tech companies which has helped bring in even more business opportunities. And our fortunes should only increase with the arrival of the Metro next year. That’s good for keeping tax rates low and funding our local priorities while enticing more business.

Congress is currently debating new technology legislation (The American Innovation and Choice Online Act – HR3816 and the Ending Platform Monopolies Act – HR3825 as well as Klobuchar-Grassley bill in the Senate) that could put limits on technology companies and be hazardous to our business base.

No one doubts there is a need for some regulation. There is a need to be careful and manage the tech giants better. But it looks more as if the intent of these federal bills are to merely dismantle the larger tech companies. The unintended consequences could be very detrimental to our county and business owners in Loudoun County.

I ask our federal representatives to look carefully at this legislation and not dismantle it with a sledgehammer but use a strategic approach.

Zach Cummings, Leesburg

One thought on “Letter: Zach Cummings, Leesburg

  • 2022-03-30 at 3:33 pm

    80 year old politicians who don’t know how to use use email and don’t know what instagram is are going to vote on “platform monopolies.”

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