Local Entrepreneur’s Home Organizing Business Staying Busy with Spring Cleaning

To most, a jammed junk drawer or mile-high laundry pile are projects to side-eye, but to Loudoun-based professional home organizer Tori Trusdale, those pesky projects are nothing to fear.

From growing up as a Girl Scout to babysitting as a teen, Trusadale has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and a love of helping people. Last year, she put those skills to task, founding her home-organizing business, Tru Belongings.

“I let people know that my mission is to make their house feel like a home. Whether that is, they have teenagers who don’t know how to keep their room clean, or if it’s a husband and a wife who’re struggling to get along because one is a neat freak and the other is messy,” Trusdale said. 

Her father, a professional handyman, taught her all about home improvement. 

“I learned from him that there is peak season and then it slows down. March, April, May are super busy,” she said. “Spring cleaning is a real thing. I am really pushing that, let’s get you ready for Spring and the nice weather. Curate environments to host guests when it warms up.”

While decluttering is a popular service, she also packs and unpacks.

“I personally don’t love the packing part, but I love the unpacking part, and helping people get settled into their new home,” she said.

Often, clients will have heaps of items to dispose of. Trusdale’s specialty is reselling things online. She said she’s developed an eye for what will sell on Facebook marketplace.

“Some hot commodities are anything related to storage,” she said. “I just sold a hutch last week and got like ten inquiries. So, anything that’s for putting things away, storing items, those are hard to come by,” she suggested. She also regularly partners with local nonprofits, such as Mobile Hope, so she has a good grasp of what organizations need for donations.

Beyond beatifying and simplifying homes, Trusdale is passionate about helping people create dedicated spaces for mental health and selfcare in their homes. She herself converted a spare bedroom in her home into a yoga studio.

“I especially love helping ladies, mamas and entrepreneurs create a space to recharge. For some it might be a space to play their guitar,” she said, and that reading corners and craft rooms are also popular. “It really varies, I always talk to my clients beforehand and see what stresses them out, what will help, and what is your vision for the space.”

Trusdale’s biggest tip for a tidier home for families?

“Make a no-shoe rule in your home. The reality is, most families have kids, pets, multiple people living in the home. When you think about where our shoes go and we’ve normalized walking in homes in our shoes,” she said.

She said a bench or shelf near the entryway for footwear will signal to guests that your home is a no-shoe zone.

Learn more, at truebelongingsco.com.

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