Letter: Scott B. Cypher, Sterling

Editor:  As reasonably responsible citizens within our communities, I think we should all support the EARN-IT Act being considered by our two senators and congresswoman at the federal level. 

This acronym stands for eliminating abusive and rampant neglect of interactive technologies. If we can identify sexual predators after crimes, then why not do something before to curb it? Sadly, apparently there is no shortage of demand for these nefarious acts in our country.

This bill would clarify that there is no immunity for digital platforms that aid and abet violence against women and minors. Acts of violence and abuse of women are easily accessed by our children using smartphones. According to the watchdog agency NCOSE, images and videos of sexual abuse increased from 600,000 in 2008 to 85 million in 2021. Rape is not free speech. Child abuse is not expression. 

When calling the Capitol switchboard, ask to speak to your federal senators and congresswoman from Virginia. Just give them your ZIP code. Don’t sit back and allow the minds of our precious little ones be damaged. This bill has bipartisan support of, by, and for we the people. 

Scott B. Cypher, Sterling

One thought on “Letter: Scott B. Cypher, Sterling

  • 2022-03-22 at 10:05 am

    Don’t be deceived. The bill actually does almost nothing to protect children. Instead, it limits free speech on the internet and give the government “back door” keys to encrypted content. It also holds web sites accountable for user generated content, which will force sites to eliminate comments and discussion forums (such as this one). Similar to holding the phone company accountable for the content of any phone calls. Do a web search to see the opposition.

    A carefully crafted piece of legislation that gives the government censorship powers and removes user privacy. All hiding under a “protect our children” facade. If passed, the bill will be declared unconstitutional, once challenged.

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