Making an Impact with Free Coffee & Food

SimplyBe Coffee, a ministry of the Tree of Life Ministries nonprofit, has a special way to make an impact on the community—offering their food and beverages for free.

The coffee shop recently launched its Impact Day initiative. Every Tuesday during the business’ hours of 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., all consumables are free. That means everything in the coffee shop, from its signature coffee, specialty drinks and smoothies, to all its food offerings, is available free of charge, with the only exception being the store’s merchandise. 

“We wanted to make sure our mission was reaching the poor and needy specifically through this enterprise,” said Kristen Hickman, Tree of Life’s chief communications officer. “Are they feeling like can come in and get a cup of coffee? Through a lot of prayer this idea came to fruition.”

Launched on Giving Tuesday after the Thanksgiving holiday, the initiative has so far been well received by the community, Hickman said. Customers may donate but are not required to, although many do, she added. 

Perhaps most importantly, Tree of Life employees and volunteers agree, is the Impact Day promotion is a great opportunity to spread awareness of SimplyBe’s mission. The coffee shop employs individuals with disabilities or special needs, many of whom come to SimplyBe through local nonprofits ECHO or CASST. The awareness of SimplyBe’s mission has brought forward many repeat customers looking to support a good cause while enjoying a hot cup of coffee or treat. 

SimplyBe Coffee is located at 940 Edwards Ferry Rd. NE in Leesburg, in the Floor & Décor shopping center. To learn more about the coffee shop’s mission and the many ministries of Tree of Life, go to 

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  • 2022-02-08 at 3:33 pm

    Wow! How many coffee shops go so far as to offer their food & beverages for free? Not very many, I would guess. So a standing ovation to SimplyBe Coffee. You’re another feather in the cap of Loudoun. And it’s wonderful that you employ folks with disabilities. I recently learned of a young lady living with an intellectual disability who’s employed by LCPS. That’s setting a great example for others to follow. Happy Valentine’s Day Loudoun!

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